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Arduino IDE for Emacs

I am looking into setting up an Arduino IDE environment in Emacs (on both PC and OS X). I came across the EmacsWiki ArduinoSupport page, which has a good guide for Mac OS X and Linux, which is perfect....
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In Emacs lsp-mode, is there a way to modify function signature?

In lsp-mode (or any other Emacs cases), I can use lsp-rename to rename a var/id, all references being updated automatically. Now I want to modify a function's signature, e.g. adding an argument, in a ...
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Emacs PDE seems to ignore PERL5LIB environmet variable to use @INC

I'm using emacs 26.3 under FreeBSD 12 environment and try to use PDE. My problem is that in the runtime environment the modules (@INC array) are properly addressed by the PERL5LIB variable. But using ...
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Emacs on MS Windows, typescript lsp server on wsl?

Long-time emacs user (38 years or so, not kidding). I'm on Windows 10, running native emacs 26.1. I'm doing some Javascript/Typescript (vue.js) development, using WSL for that world, still with the ...
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Flycheck Python introspection into modules?

I have flycheck working seemingly as advertised with Python on Emacs 25.2.1. The configuration check shows all dependencies are satisfied and enabled. It does handle introspection within the same ...
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Smarter compile in emacs

I often got to work with projects organized as follows: src/ include/ ... Makefile Is there a way to teach emacs' "compile" function to always use that top-level Makefile regardless which file I'...
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Emacs as Java IDE - How to run code?

I am looking at setting up Emacs for Java development. As much as possible, I would like to achieve Emacs being comparable to IntelliJ IDEA in terms of features, and also ease-of-use / "things ...
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Install elpy on emacs

I checked the elpy site but came across an error where the package cannot be found? I am new to emacs and need a little help reading the error message. The specific code in the init file I tried to ...
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display documentation and available methods for java

Is there a way to configure emacs so that it displays available methods and documentation when typing "." on an object. Something similar to company-racer for rust as described In this post ...
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Doom - setting code formatter for specific file type

How can I change formatter used for specific file type in doom-emacs format module? So far I've been happy with using mostly doom defaults and haven't gotten into writing custom configurations and ...
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How to load python layer after direnv?

In order to have lsp-pyright load after pipenv I need pyright to load after direnv. However, appending after: direnv results in an error[0] How can I have pyright starting the workspace after direnv? ...
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How can I develop in Go with IDE capabilities for large projects

I am trying to migrate from GoLand to Emacs as my primary IDE for working with Go. I've gone through the standard advice online: company-go, go-mode, lsp, all that stuff. It was hell, it took forever, ...
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How many Python REPL's are there for emacs and their relative merits?

How many Python REPL's are there for Emacs and their relative merits? What OS have you tested them on? How long have you been using them? What version combos of python/emacs/ repl integrating software ...
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configuring spacemacs for python development

It's been really frustrating trying to get spacemacs to work so far. I've grown to really love it - coming from vim - for its capabilities in manipulating and navigating text, but it's just been so ...
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Building targets using cmake-ide

I switched to emacs as my C++ ide. I am using irony mode, company, rtags, and since all of my projects are using cmake, cmake-ide. I cant realy find something online on how the workflow works with ...
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