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Semantic Idle Service Error semantic-idle-summary-idle-function

Context Hey, I've discovered semantic and how useful it is when writing coding, it provides some handy features. I'm mostly using it for C/C++ programming, although there's a bug that kept on showing, ...
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Get time since last keystroke

I would like to know how many seconds have passed since the last keystroke (or character that showed up in the screen, whatever is easier). Is there a timer that is associated to self-insert-command? ...
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mode-specific idle timer?

I have my idle timer which saves the current buffer automatically just once when idle for three seconds. It's handy but when I stop typing while in helm, it opens up a prompt that asks me where to ...
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Is post-command-hook or idle timer better for doing something when the user becomes idle?

Let's say I want to write a mode which updates the display (e.g. adds some annotation) when the user edits the buffer or just moves around. What is the recommended way to implement this? Using post-...
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