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9 votes
1 answer

iedit vs. multiple-cursors

What is the difference between iedit and multiple-cursors? As far as I can tell they provide basically the same functionality.
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7 votes
3 answers

How to replace words in a region using iedit?

I want to replace some words inside a region. I would like to use iedit more than query-replace, but found the following problems (probably because I don't understand its documentation): If I select ...
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1 answer

how to insert tab while in iedit-mode

How to insert <TAB> while in iedit mode? following example: int blah; //< x float moo; //< y void foobar; //< z Now I select '//<' and go into iedit-mode, because I want to align ...
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2 answers

How fast remove selected text

Emacs 26.1, Windows 10, package iedit Suppose I want to delete text onMessage I select this text by iedit-mode (C-;) To remove selected text I press many times button Backspace Nice. It's work. ...
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1 answer

iedit: replace from line to the end down

Windows 10, Emacs 25.1, package iedit Suppose I has text: 1.aaa_1111_hello 2.aaa_2222_hello 3.aaa_1111_hello 4.aaa_4444_hello 5.aaa_1111_hello 6.aaa_5555_hello 7.aaa_1111_hello 8....
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1 answer

restore cursor position iedit mode after narrowing with evil visul line

Iedit-mode can narrow the edit to a region, I am using evil-mode, evil-visual-line select region by whole lines, after narrowing the point is at the end of last line, is it possible to fix this ...
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0 answers

What is `iedit-apply-global-modification` for and how to use it?

The docstring says "Apply last global modification." But I am not sure what is it for and how to use it. I did not find any relevant information after a Google search.
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