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How to run custom scheme written in node.js using readline in emacs?

I have Scheme interpreter written in JavaScript that run on top of Node.js the problem is that when I run run-scheme and I enter something it give double echo: lips> 10 10 10 lips> if I run ...
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How to clear shell in ielm?

I am trying the clear the inferior emacs lisp mode(ielm) buffer. Solutions applicable to shell are not applicable here - the erase-buffer command says "Test is read only"
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Trying to run a lisp-dialect through inferior-lisp, but can't evaluate code

I'd like to run txr lisp as an inferior-lisp process in Emacs. From bash in xterm I can start a repl with txr -i. I know I first need to change the inferior-lisp-program variable: (setq inferior-...
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