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No output in Python inferior buffer after C-c C-c

OS: Windows 11 (64 bit) Python version: 3.12.0 (64 bit) Emacs version: 29.1 I use LSP mode in Emacs for Python programming and I have in my Emacs init.el file the following: (custom-set-variables ...
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How to get `comint` modes work with long lines?

When I paste a long (not that long) line in inferior-python-mode, the buffer sucks. For example, "[{\"inputs\":[{\"internalType\":\"contract I_StarkwareContract\",\&...
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Auto completion popup opens with zero character match in Inferior Python mode (comint repl)

When I enter an IPython repl via python-start-or-switch-repl, I get annoying auto completion behavior where the completions popup opens with zero characters entered. If I type one character and erase ...
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Fold code between parentheses and brackets in python mode + hideshow

I'm working on a plotly dash app where there are a number of nested blocks of code like the following: dbc.Row( [ dbc.Col( [ <some long code> ...
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Prevent completion of the empty string

I would like to prevent completions to the empty string in python and in inferior-python-mode. To explain a bit better - when the prompt or the string is empty, there are no completions proposed. When ...
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python-shell-completion-complete-or-indent (Tab, in an inferior python mode shell) completes "__PYTHON_EL_eval_file"

On Emacs 29, Python 3.11.3, IPython 8.13.2 A strange behavior seems to have recently started. When opening a python shell with run-python and then python-shell-send-buffer or python-shell-send-file ...
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