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Understanding of Emacs way of managing user input events

As an Emacs newbie (with two weeks of Emacs experience) I am in the process of understanding the way Emacs manages user input events. My current understanding of how it works is that the way Emacs ...
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Read multiples arguments for interactive function without sequential read functions

I have an interactive function taking 2 arguments. I can read them with (defun example-fct (arg1 arg2) "This function take two arguments" (interactive (let ((arg1 (read-string "...
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How to provide keyboard input programmatically for org-export-dispatch UI in elisp?

The org-export-dispatch command in org-mode (C-c C-e) brings up an UI from which one can, e.g. select l and l to export the .org file to latex format. My question is: Can one use elisp to fix the ...
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Python shell warning about readline and completion?

*Warning*: Warning (python): Your ‘python-shell-interpreter’ doesn’t seem to support readline, yet ‘python-shell-completion-native-enable’ was t and "python3" is not part of the ‘python-shell-...
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Impossible to answer y-or-n-p prompt in EXWM if X window is focussed

When a y-or-n-p question (e.g. The file you want to open is very large. Really want to open it?) pops up in the minibuffer while an EXWM buffer is focussed, I have no option to answer the question (...
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How to let make-process prompt user in echo area

This works: (make-process :name "test" :command (list "bash" "-c" (concat "echo hello stdout!; " "echo hello stderr! >&2; " "exit 20")) :buffer (generate-new-buffer "...
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How to avoid a dialog box for input (e.g. "Open File" behavior)?

I generally like to use the emacs-gtk3 package for my editing since I find it has better compatibility with my clipboard and a couple packages I use..but I don't like opening files in the GUI version ...
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Unable to use Microsoft Japanese IME in Emacs under Windows

For some reason I can't seem to use the Microsoft Japanese IME in Emacs, even though I can apparently use the Microsoft Chinese IME to input Chinese without problems. Even if I've switched to the ...
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Detect if mouse button is held down?

I have some code that runs in a hook that I want to change to only execute only if the left mouse button is not currently held down. I don't see any obvious functions or variables that let me directly ...
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How can I check if a user has pressed a button while a function is running?

I have a function that automatically runs after the user does some action. However, the function takes a long time to complete. This means Emacs becomes unresponsive for a short time after every input....
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How to uppercase all input in elisp?

I want to create a mode which in certain states converts all input to uppercase, regardless of the caps-lock status. But I'm at a loss as to how to go for this, and I'm not sure it could even be done. ...
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Unable to Send Commands to Omxplayer from Dired

When opening a video file with Omxplayer through dired using dired-do-shell-command, I am unable to send commands to the external program to, for example, pause the video. The file plays fine but all ...
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How to give all inputs of a multiple inputs command at one time

There are commands which take multiple inputs. My question is about the possibility of defining a new command which take all the inputs of another command at one time (separated by commas). As an ...
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