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Placing a hook after each character insertion

I'd like to define a minor mode in which, when I write something, point is not moved and the characters are instead inserted after point. I thought that would be easy: just add a hook after insert-...
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How to insert a space char when inputting a node name to `org-roam-node-find`?

When I use command org-roam-node-find and I want to create a node named Programming Languages, I can't enter the space character. Emacs seems to require the node title to be a single string without ...
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function returning space

I would like to have a function that gives me spaces according to a number i multiplied by a factor f. So I end up with returning 6 spaces with (spaces 3 2). This is to be able to indent some ...
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insert-char completion says no matches, but inserts character anyway?

I'm using C-x 8 RET to insert a Unicode character. I enter the hex value -- for example, 201c -- and the minibuffer says "no matches". But if I just hit enter, the expected left double quote ...
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Programmatically invoking insert-char for compatibility with unicode insertion in Linux

I'm trying to enter unicode chars in emacs in the same manner I can anywhere else in linux, with the C-S-u string shortcut. Unfortunately, the function I've written does not work. (defun insert-char-c ...
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Adding unicode special characters

I wanted to add a latin capital O with circumflex [ô] to a file in emacs, but for some reason all my attempts lead to the character being replaced by a question mark ?. I tried : M-x insert-char ...
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Insert character by its Unicode name

From the documentation of insert-char, I cannot see why (insert-char "GREEK SMALL LETTER EPSILON") doesn't work. Is there a non-interactive way to insert a character given its Unicode name?
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Fast unicode symbol insertion?

Currently, I'm inserting unicode characters (mainly math symbols) using TeX input method. This is cumbersome, since, for each character, I have to do following: Switch to TeX input method pressing C-...
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Idiomatic way of extending keymap for inserting unicode symbols?

I often find myself needing to insert Unicode characters that have no default binding in iso-transl-ctl-x-8-map, i.e., characters that can't be inserted using C-x 8 followed by one or more letters/...
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