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How to set the Ispell language via a file variable in Org-Mode?

I put the following in the beginning of the Org file: * :noexport: Local Variables: ispell-local-dictionary: "american" End: #+EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS: noexport And I start flyspell via a hook: (add-...
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ispell-phaf no matching entry for en_Gb after update to macOS Sierra

I have update to macOS Sierra after witch spelling in Emacs is broken. The error I get is (ispell-phaf: No matching entry for en_GB in ´ispell-hunspell-dict-paths-alist´) I have both install aspell ...
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Error enabling flyspell mode in Emacs

I use flyspell hunspell for checking my spelling mistakes in Emacs. Recently, when I run M-x flyspell-mode in .org or .tex files I got the following error: Error enabling Flyspell mode: (hunspell ...
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cape-dict cape-ispell problem with language

I setup flyspell to use hunspell program (and installed french and english dict with apt cmd). I set ispell-dictionary to fr_FR, en_GB, en_US Set ispell-hunspell-add-multi-dic to fr_FR,en_GB, en_US ...
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Changes of ispell.el from GNU emacs v27.2 from v26.3?

Recently, I updated my GNU emacs from v26.3 to v27.2. Now, ispell does not work anymore under Windows 10 (on my Macs, it still works). On my Windows machine, I use hunspell, which has been the same v1....
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ispell personal dictionary for multiple languages

I use hunspell for spellchecking. When I switch dictionaries (e.g., from en_US to hu_HU), I cannot save personal words to my personal dictionary. Emacs complains that ispell-init-process: Error: ...
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Emacs Ispell to list all spelling errors at once

I am using emacs ispell to look for spelling mistakes. It works well in interactive mode, but I was wondering if I can see all the words with spelling issues highlighted in the buffer itself or ...
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ispell breaks my org-mode headings folding/unfolding

As the title says, when I run M-x ispell when it reaches a word that is under an org mode heading it won't unfold the heading, so my cursor is on the actual heading and not the incorrect word and then ...
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emacs ispell looks for wrong language

Hi I am a little bit confused, because I think that I have already managed to make ispell work on my macOS 10.15.4 and emacs 26.3, but when I tried it I got an error that emacs cannot find ispell. ...
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Disable ispell when using Tramp

In my Spacemacs, I enabled the spell-checking layer which enables ispell. I noticed that my Tramp connection is very slow, and after debugging, I found that one of the causes is ispell: 02:07:20....
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Remove the left font lock of flyspell after uncomment

I use flyspell-prog-mode, and quite often I comment a region, the source code was checked, and the font lock of dirty words will left after I uncomment the source code. How can I fixes this? Thanks ...
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Spell checking and hunspell on windows (preferably from scratch)

I really need to get spellchecker on emacs (there are few who don't), and hunspell seems like the best option. The other options (aspell and ispell) are said to be ancient and also require a fair ...
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Hunspell: encoding of personal dictionary

I am using hunspell 1.3.2 (on Windows) for spell checking, and I've been trying to make a personal dictionary. It works just fine, except the encoding is garbled. Whether I encode the personal ...
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Modify spell-fu to exclude words starting with a capital letter that are not at the start of a sentence

I am using Doom Emacs with the spell-fu package for spellchecking. I would like to modify spell-fu to ignore words that start with a capital letter and are not at the start of a sentence. For example, ...
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Flyspell and/or ispell + hunspell: Quirk for contraction words (shouldn't, isn't etc. getting flagged)

When setting up my spell-checking with flyspell and hunspell, contractions such as shouldn't and isn't are getting flagged: I believe it's not (entirely) the dictionary's issue (en_GB) as when I type ...
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ispell on macOS shows limited spelling options

I use Emacs both on Linux Mint and macOS. I use iSpell on both. On Linux, when I check the region, I have around 20 options for a misspelled word; on macOS, the same word will only display 2 or 3 ...
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ispell-init-process: Error: The encoding "nil" is not known

ispell-init-process fails When I try to correct a word with ispell, I got the following error: ispell-init-process: Error: The encoding "nil" is not known. This could also mean that the file ...
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Error enabling Flyspell mode: Can't open ISO-8859-1

I have downloaded the hunspell build nto ~/lib/hunspell on my windows machine. I have included these lines in my .emacs.d config (setq tian/hunspell-directory (concat (expand-file-name "~/&...
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ispell-change-dictionary cannot change the dictionary to any other language other than english, american or default

Currently I am using spacemacs. I have installed spell checking layer by writing spell-checking on my dot-spacemacs-configuration-layer. However when I try to use M-x ispell-change-dictionary it ...
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How to get spell suggesstion for the word that cursor is on in the minibuffer?

Example behavior: When I am using python-mode if a cursor is on top of on a error, the error message is printed out on the minibuffer. If I have following line import o , import keyword get bold and ...
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Enable spell check with american dictionary for all buffers

I have an init file that loads two files: one from customization done from within emacs and other from my custom settings file - better-defaults.el. I have tried various options like ispell-local-...
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Running aspell in emacs with aspell key bindings

I am using aspell on the (Linux) command line, and have also started using it with mu4e in emacs to spell-check my composed messages using ispell-message. That command runs aspell, but with ispell ...
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ispell word M-$ goes into screen capture mode on MacOS

I am on Mac OS X El Capitan. Here is my version info. GNU Emacs 25.3.1 (x86_64-apple-darwin15.6.0, NS appkit-1404.47 Version 10.11.6 (Build 15G31)) of 2017-12-03 Problem: Like most Emacs users on ...
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aspell exited with signal Trace/BPT trap: 5

I am using GNU Emacs 24.3.1 on Mac Mavericks (Darwin Kernel Version 13.4.0). When I run ispell command I get the error as in the title. I cannot do spell check. Anybody has a hint? This is the part ...
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