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for the use (typically editing) of JavaScript code in Emacs.

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How to use skewer-mode?

I am currently struggling to use skewer-mode in Emacs. I downloaded and installed skewer-mode via MELPA, so all the dependencies should be inplace. For testing purposes I even downloaded the boidsjs ...
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How to navigate a JavaScript project?

I'm currently working on a JavaScript project using Backbone.js and I wonder how can I navigate between files, based on method and object definitions. For example, I keep references to some of my ...
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Web mode -indentation is misaligned on skipping semicolons

When i indent javascript code (inside html - web mode) that has no semicolons in it, the next statements are indented right with two extra spaces, <script> function processTemplates(){ ...
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Changing how argument lists are indented in JavaScript

Right now, my argument lists are indented by js-mode like this: some_long_function_name( one_argument, another_argument ); How can I get them to look like this: ...
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Stop javascript-mode from lining up function parameters after newline

Using javascript-mode, functions are indented like this: console.log('Example', var1, var2); test('Example2', var1, var2); I'd like to change this so that ...
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Cannot add general block header arguments in org mode

While I'm learning javascript following a book, I Like to take notes with org-mode. I use Indium and followed this instructions to handle it working It works well, and I get my work done, interacting ...
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How to prevent Emacs from converting JavaScript symbols to HTML code?

When I insert a portion of JavaScript code within an HTML file, Emacs convert some basic JS symbols to their HTML code. For example when I type >, Emacs convert it automatically to &gt; which ...
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How can I modify a variable in a javascript file that meets specific conditions?

Lets say I'm editing a javascript file in emacs that has objects as such scattered through out the file: foo: [1], foo: [2], foo: [3], foo: [4], foo: [5], foo: [6], foo: [7] obo: [1], obo: [2], obo: [...
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Javascript mode mixes tabs and spaces for indent

My javascript mode indents with a mix of tabs and spaces. I'm ok with the mix if spaces are used for cosmetic alignment, but this is just wrong: First level of indentation is spaces, second is tab, ...
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