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Can the kmacro internal format contain literal commands?

I'm trying to modify key-chord.el so that you can have key-combination specific timeouts and I noticed that key-chord uses heuristics to decide when two keys pressed sequentially in a kmacro are ...
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How to use use-package's :bind to bind key-chords

(use-package whatever :bind (("C-a b" . aabb))) can be used to replace (global-set-key (kbd "C-a b" 'aabb)) Can use-package's :bind be used to replace (key-chord-define-global "ab" 'aabb) ?
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key-chord not working with kmacro

When trying to define a macro in emacs and trying to expand key-chord in process its not working - its simply inputs letters instead. I saw explanation of this in key-chord.el but is there any ...
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Can I combine key-chord-mode with evil-define-key?

I like to use evil-define-key like so: (evil-define-key 'normal projectile-mode-map (kbd "M-o") 'projectile-switch-to-buffer) This is great because I can make bindings for both an emacs ...
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