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How to translate C-i to F8

I have tried the following: (keyboard-translate ?\C-I (kbd "<f8>")) (keyboard-translate ?\C-I [(f8)]) The representation of F8 key is wrong.
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Inconsistency between read-key and read-key-sequence-vector w.r.t. conditional application of local-function-key-map translations

While working with read-key-sequence-vector and read-key, I found that the former applies the local-function-key-map translations in a conditional manner but the latter does not. I am using Emacs 28.1 ...
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how to exchange ESC with C-g in spacemacs

I used C-g to cancel operation in spacemacs, but feel ESC is a better way than C-g. I tried the following, but not work, spacemacs will report issue when startup: (define-key key-translation-map (kbd &...
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Stop translating M- commands to lower case?

In order to for me to be able to use meta + shift + v as a keybinding, I have to tell emacs to pass (kbd "M-V") to global-set-key - if I try and use (kbd "M-S-v") then this ignored,...
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How do I remove the key translation for function keys with modifiers?

I would like to bind the dedicated function keys (F1 through F10) using the standard modifier key, e.g. (define-key my-keymap (kbd "<S-F2>") #'my-function). However, this and similar ...
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Trouble aliasing ctl-x-map, C-x 8 insert command?

I'm reading the beginning of the Emacs manual on inserting text. It says you can run C-x 8 [ to insert a left single curly quote. That works. In my init.el I have this: (define-key global-map [(...
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How can I prevent/override key translation behavior such as: µ (translated from A-m) runs the command self-insert-command

I've bound a command to A-m, however some package that I load seems to modify input translation maps (input-decode-map, local-function-key-map, function-key-map, key-translation-map) that interfere ...
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