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magit slow with large files sitting around

I have six large .ipynb files in a git repo (100mb to 200mb each). They have diffs, but I don't want to check them in yet. The problem is that they seem to be the reason why magit becomes extremely ...
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How can I load a large file in literal mode, but also as UTF-8?

When I open a 100Mio file, Emacs asks me if I want to open in literal mode. I answer yes, but it's not loading the file as UTF-8. Is there any way to set default UTF-8 for literal mode?
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Automated trim of 28 million text records

I have a plain text data file, consisting of 28 million tab-delimited records, each containing nine fields. The left ends of the first three records look like this: I would like to truncate each of ...
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How to limit mark/kill size of huge (org-mode) files?

I have org-mode files about 50K lines long, which I can edit and save file; but once in a while accidentally marked a large region by typing C-x C-x or C-x h, and copied too much data into clipboard, ...
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Improve emacs performance when working on large files

I'm a former vim user that switched to emacs + evil with a still relatively simple configuration with only 36 packages. I'm really happy with the additional functionality emacs delivers, but one thing ...
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Instruct Emacs never to open files of a certain type or size

In Emacs by default there is a large file warning threshold. I would prefer to instruct Emacs never to open files of a certain type or size. These are files I would prefer always to open in an ...
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vlf-mode, delete up to end of file

I am viewing a large file (512 MB) with vlf-mode. How can I delete from a point of the file to the end? The standard approach of selecting the text from a point to the end and then deleting it does ...
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Visual clutter on the left edge

I am not sure which terms to search for this with, perhaps you can help. Sometimes when I move around my emacs window, some grey clutter emerges on the left hand side. The file that I am working on is ...
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docview: suppress "File X is too large, really open?" confirmation

Is it possible to avoid the "File X is too large, really open?" confirmation? If not, would it be possible for Emacs to remember my answer the first time I visited a large file? If I visited it once,...
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`find-file-hook` problem for large buffer that is just one long line

I got a file(for instance, ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxx.default/sessionstore-backups/recovery.bak) that its content is one whole line and size of over 1MB, if I open it in Emacs, Emacs will become very ...
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How to view and edit large delimiter separated value files?

I have been using csv-mode to modify small to medium sized CSV files, but recently I have been working with large files containing more than 40,812 entries. csv-mode struggles to align and navigate ...
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Batch loading binary files

I just discovered vlf-mode (View Large Files) and I am using it to view a large binary file in hexl-mode and read certain metadata from headers within the file. It works great, with one exception. ...
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