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the best way to learn emacs

I'm dealing with learning emacs from a while, but I've still not find a god solution. I find the docs on the web site not well structured. There for sure I can find any explication of all command, but ...
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Does anyone have any good tips for starting to use emacs? [closed]

I have heard good things about emacs and have dabbled in a bit of vim/neovim. I was wondering if anyone has any good tips for starting to use emacs! I am using emacs 27.1 for Windows 10.
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How can I start learning Emacs Lisp?

Background: I'm mostly a vi user and am converting to Emacs. Past the basics and now use it for writing code in C and some Python with plans to do an R conversion too. I wrote (Common) LISP for ...
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What features differentiate Spacemacs from other editors and IDEs in terms that someone unfamiliar with both Vim and Emacs can understand?

I am in the position of onboarding junior developers to Spacemacs but I am unable to find a detailed, canonical description of Spacemacs that is geared toward beginners. Specifically, I don't find ...
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C-v does not move to the next screen appears: -- VISUAL BLOCK --

I'm using Emacs on mac, and I just started the tutorial. When I type C-v I see -- VISUAL BLOCK --, but the tutorial says that it should move to the next screen. I'm just starting to use Emacs. What ...
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Defining a function that takes as an input the current buffer's path

I am hoping to define an interactive function that I can invoke with M-x <function-name> and that will: Automatically grab the path to the file Run the following code on it: (require 'tramp) ...
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Are there any games to kickstart learning emacs like VIM Adventures?

I am a newbie in emacs and have heard a lot about how powerful emacs is. But the leaning curve seems to be quite steep. If there was a fun way to learn emacs (something like the game VIM adventures) ...
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How to learn the stroke order of a kanji (or kana) character using Emacs

As a devoted Emacs user and a Japanese beginner learner, I've been using the Emacs' Japanese input method quite a lot during recent months. However, I've been looking for a way to leverage Emacs' ...
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How to understand this recursion code?

I found this code in the manual An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp demonstrating recursion with the help of cond function to find out the number of pebbles based on the entered number of ...
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How do I pronounce Emacs?

I struggle to pronounce many computer terms, and to this day still mispronounce latex in my head - it just sounds better rhyming with flex. How would I pronounce Emacs?
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How would you explain Emacs to a non-technical person?

In the spirit of How can I explain the meaning of LaTeX to my grandma? Emacs is wonderful editor for any text-based purpose—this much is clear to those of us who use it. Often times I'm trying to ...
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hierarchy of modes

I am aware that org-mode derives from outline-mode, in the same way as outline-mode derives from text-mode, which derives from nil. I have always wonder if there exists something similar to a ...
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What emacs communities exist?

Please maintain a community wiki answer which describes email lists, wikis, blogs, irc channels, forums, or other communities in which GNU Emacs is the primary topic. In order to be listed, a ...
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How can I practice searching and replacing with regular expressions interactively in Emacs?

Searching and replacing using regular expressions is clearly a powerful tool to the Emacs user who can routinely perform these actions. However, as an Emacs (and/or programming) beginner, regular ...
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What are the best resources to learn Emacs? [closed]

I have learned Emacs mostly using it's own documentation and the late emacs-starter-kit. Talking with people interested in learning Emacs, I found that my approach is not appealing to them. What are ...
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What are some built-in packages with nice source code? [closed]

I'm trying to get familiar with Emacs Lisp, its syntax, data structures etc, so I was wondering what are some built-in packages whose source could help me better understand how to use the language and ...
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