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Unicode Line and Paragraph Separator is Not Properly Supported

Emacs is displaying Unicode LINE SEPARATOR and PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR (PS) as rectangle. PS also does not end a paragraph. How can I make emacs treat these characters properly?
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Emacs shell - git diff not displaying inserted ("+") lines with dos file endings and color

If I modify a file checked into version control with DOS line endings, on a normal terminal I can see the change: # Normal terminal... $ git diff diff --git a/a b/a index c113281..85c3ecd 100644 --- a/...
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^M appearing in minibuffer

when I invoke some function that requires to select an option from the minibuffer, there is often a first option tagged with [^M] what does it mean? How to select it?
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Emacs opens files with wrong line end encoding

Whenever I open a file encoded with dos end lines, Emacs decides it's encoded in undecided_linux and displays ^M after each line. I checked, those files all have matching newline characters (no odd ^...
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Remove the suffix `^M` when run ls in org src

When run ls to print the file list #+begin_src ipython :session sql :results output ! ls | head -n 5 #+end_src #+RESULTS: : create.txt^M : Lesson 10. Grouping^M : Lesson 11. Working with ...
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