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How to customize the vertical spacing between an org-mode heading and its content in the folded view?

Subtree View: * Header 1 ** Header 2 Children View: * Header 1 ** Header 2 Desired Children View: * Header 1 ** Header 2 Is there a way to treat the blank line between Header 1 and Header 2 ...
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How to control inter-paragraph spacing in org-mode?

After reading Org Mode Syntax, my understanding is that blank lines in the content section under a heading are used syntactically to separate paragraphs and that each blank line "belongs" to ...
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Stopping the message ‘[Saved text until: …]’

The problem I have is caused by Emacs.lineSpacing: 1 in my X resources (thanks to NickD for help in pinpointing this), which equates to: (setq-default line-spacing 1) With that in effect, I call find-...
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org-mode additional line-spacing after paragraphs, list items and headings

It has been asked before, but the answers are a bit old, and did not work for me. So I am hoping that the situation has changed a bit. I would like to modify the vertical space around headings, at the ...
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Change the size of the cursor

How can I prevent the height of a vertical cursor to be changed if I increase the line spacing? This is my .emacs setup (setq-default cursor-type 'bar) (setq-default line-spacing 1.15)
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How to ignore emtpy lines on the bottom of the buffer?

When I jump to bottom part of the buffer using vi I does not show any empty lines. On emacs when I got to bottom of the buffer I see empty lines even there is no new lines exist. Is is possible to ...
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Emacs makes a lot of spaces for a new line

I do not know what I did, but emacs creates a lot of spaces for new lines. There's a demo: How to fix this?
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Imitate paragraph spacing in visual line mode

I write long texts using org-mode and visual-line-mode. Each long line, wrapping over several visual lines, looks like a "paragraph", and behaves similarly to a paragraph in a traditional word ...
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Robust way of applying line-height everywhere

I'd like to apply a line-height property to all text in all buffers to add space above each line (so line-spacing doesn't work, I think). I've added a function to 'buffer-list-update-hook to create ...
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Incorrect Line Spacing in (term-mode, ansi-term, eshell, shell) Output

The output of certain commands in multiple major modes (term-mode, ansi-term, shell, eshell) is incorrectly spaced (see images). This occurs for numerous commands and does not occur in other emulators ...
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Excessive line spacing with certain fonts

For a long time I've been using DejaVu Sans Mono as my programming font. I've yet to find a better font. But a little while ago I discovered Mozilla's Fira, which looks very nice for code. So I ...
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How do I reduce spacing between lines to less than zero?

Using the Emacs GUI, I get a certain amount of spacing between each line of text. By default this spacing seems to be zero, but can be increased by customizing line spacing. This is the default of ...
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