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What truncates lines at the 400th character in the *compilation* buffer?

What truncates lines at the 400th character? I notice that when a line is longer that 400 characters, it gets truncated with "[...]" added at the end. Yes, it is due to something I put in my ...
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How to remove trailing '$' character

I'm very new to Emacs. Emacs renders all lines with $ appended. I want to remove them. I think Emacs is visualizing a new line character as $, so I searched for options related to newline or ...
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How can I activate truncate-lines in magit only

I want to long commit messages to be truncated rather than wrapped around in magit buffers only because I can simply open a commit to see the full message. I tried (add-hook 'magit-mode-hook (lambda ()...
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How to truncate the lines of a file?

I need to truncate the lines in a file to 24 characters, to feed to a small dot-matrix printer. How can I do this? I use doom emacs.
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adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode behavior is different/inconsistent inside a buffer

in org-mode I have adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode on. The indentation though has a inconsistent behavior. I have already tried to toggle visual-line-mode and word wrap but the sometimes correct and ...
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How to completely remove truncation symbol (default '$') from truncated lines when no fringes?

In a GUI Emacs without fringes, I would like to get rid of the '$' at the end of truncated lines such that lines can use the fill width of the window. I've tried: (set-display-table-slot standard-...
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How to set the default of `truncate-lines` for dired buffers to `truncate`?

How can I set the default of truncate-lines for dired buffers to truncate? I.e. when I open a new dired buffer it should show the directory truncated and not wrapped into the next line.
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Remove dollar sign at beginning of line

In emacs when I scroll right and beginning of lines are truncated emacs inserts dollar sign same as it insert \ at the end of truncated line. I wish it would not insert these two signs. Can I disable ...
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How to truncate lines by default

Almost every text editor is able to truncate lines by default, but in Emacs I'm still using the cumbersome M-x toggle-truncate-lines in every buffer with long lines. Unfortunately, buffers with long ...
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How to indent truncated lines?

For me it seems like a really ruff edge that default spacemacs comes without an option to give my lines a correct indentation, when they are wrapped. (Click the first link if you want to see the issue ...
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Can I hide the part of long lines that exceeds the visual line?

Is it possible to hide the part of long lines that exceeds the visual line rather than wrapping it into further visual lines?
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Scroll only current line when truncating lines

When using (set-default 'truncate-lines t), and when moving to the end of the long line, is it possible to make Emacs scroll only that line, while the other lines stand still? nano does this.
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how to set truncate-lines in org-mode in spacemacs by default

Whenever I open up an .org file in spacemacs, the truncate-lines variable is set to t. How can I make truncate-lines be set to nil by default in org-mode in the org-layer for spacemacs? I would like ...
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How do I toggle soft-wrapped lines in org-mode?

I want to be able to toggle soft-wrapped lines in org-mode. My .emacs file has this code: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;; Org Mode ;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (global-set-key "\C-cl" 'org-store-link) (global-set-key "\C-ca"...
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Display lines aligned with right edge of buffer?

I'm running a test suite in a shell buffer that tends to produce really long lines with PASSED or FAILED at the end of them. I'd like to be able to quickly see whether a given line passed or failed ...
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Is it possible to have word-wrap as standard but truncate some lines in a buffer at the same time?

I'm working with large LaTeX tables in AucTEX and it would be helpful to display them in truncated lines, like here: The red marks are the "&" characters which separate the columns of the table. ...
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