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Questions relating to editing code in Lisp-like languages (i.e., Common Lisp, Scheme and similar), and working with Lisp read-eval-print loops. Questions about specific languages should use the tag for that language (e.g., [common-lisp], [guile]). Note that Emacs's Lisp dialect is Emacs Lisp, with the tag [elisp]. Note: questions about editing Lisp in Emacs are on-topic, but general LIsp programming questions are not.

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SLIME not starting properly on MacOS Emacs

Pretty new to Emacs && Lisp, trying to get started.... I'm trying to get SBCL working via SLIME in Emacs 27.1 (9.0). After following the instructions to add the MELPA repo to my .emacs and ...
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Autodocument function for C Code

Suppose i have this line of code presenting a C function prototype: int sum_Func(int a, int *b) I want an Emacs lisp function that adds the function description (initialization) according to its ...
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