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Problem with list-packages, package menu. Command / / removes my install I mark?

I do M-x list-packages. I want to install several packages, the first is beeminder. So I type / n beeminder RET to display the beeminder package. Great, I type i and it's marked for installation. ...
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Emacs warning after package updates

After running updates using list-packages, emacs keeps popping out the following messages when I open a tex file. I tried to reinstall the packages and commented out all settings related to auctex, ...
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How to make list-packages Help for dependency package show the dependee packages?

I use use-package to require the boxquote package into my GNU Emacs 26.3 running on Ubuntu 19.10, like this: (use-package boxquote :ensure t) In the list-packages buffer, I see the boxquote ...
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"Invalid version list `(4 5 -4 414)'" when running `M-x package-list-packages`

When following a suggestion for solving another problem, I'm doing M-x package-list-packages. However, that gives me the error message Invalid version list `(4 5 -4 414)'. What does this mean, and ...
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Package init and refresh problems

Due to unknown reason(s), the package manager in my Emacs 25.3 cannot refresh properly anymore: whenever I try to do M-x list-packages it throws an error: error in process filter: package-read-...
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How to programatically get a list of all packages that can be upgraded?

I'd like to write a function that returns a list of packages that can be upgraded. I know I can use list-package and then type U to search and list all packages that can be upgraded. But this is an ...
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Package dap-mode is dependency but shows no "Required By" and has not Delete button

After an install-orgie for lsp-mode experiment I would now like to uninstall packages again. A blocker is dap-mode. When looking through package-list-packages I find dap-mode, click on it and its *...
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Emacs falsely recommends removal of explicitly installed packages - Why?

I am encountering a peculiar issue with Emacs's package management system where it is falsely recommending the removal of packages that I have explicitly installed via package-install. One such ...
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How to open package list in emacs

The question is simple as Opening package list in emacs on macOS, I knew everywhere is Type M-x list-packages to open the package list., but it's just not working for me brew install emacs Start ...
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package--check-signature-content error when running package-list-packages in Emacs 27

I recently upgraded to a GNU Emacs pretest 27 (version 27.0.91) running on MS Windows 10 platform. With package-check-signature defaulting to allow-unsigned, I modified init.el so Emacs can work ...
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