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Confused by what Paul Graham says about locality in his book "On Lisp" [closed] On page 36 Paul writes the following: The conditions above do not guarantee the perfect locality you get with purely functional code, though they do ...
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How to set English as the default input method?

For some reason I cannot set english, only british as the input method. I am writing a function to switch language from spanish-postfix to english, but english is not working, only british. I have ...
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Org (and org-capture) uses English for calendar dates, no matter what I do

The problem: When I use org-capture to write on my journal, it writes the month as April and the day as Friday. But everything in my system is in Portuguese, so it should be "abril" for the month, ...
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How to make the natural language for Emacs be English?

My computer's default language is Portuguese, and I don't want to change that. But, for some usages (especially programming) it's better to have English output, for example to copy/paste an error ...
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Key bindings are not recognized with non-Latin keyboard layouts on Ubuntu

A lot of times I have to change the input language of the keyboard (from English to a different one) causing the problem of the Emacs commands to not be recognized. Normally when you press Ctrl+A you ...
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