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change location of straight.el lockfile

I'm using straight.el as a package manager in emacs and would like to make my settings and packages portable and identical over several machines That's why I like to put the default.el file under ...
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How to disable automatic appearance of *Warnings* buffer in Emacs?

I use Emacs (version 28.1 on Windows 11-64bits) with AUCTeX to work with my LaTeX documents. The directory of files on which I'm working is synchronized in real time with a Dropbox cloud. This means ...
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Configuring dedicated directory for lock files and auto save files on MS-Windows

How do I configure a dedicated location for lock files and auto-save files that works on MS-Windows, GNU/Linux, and macOS? I'm using GNU Emacs 28.2 The following works on GNU/Linux but not on MS-...
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why is there always an auto-save file in the directory where the file I am editing?

I have specified both backup directory and auto-save directory. ;; set auto-save intervals (setq auto-save-interval 25) (setq auto-save-include-big-deletions t) ; auto save path (defvar autosave-dir (...
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How can I make Emacs put files named like .#filename into another directory too

I want my autosave files and backup files, e.g. and files, not to clutter the directory in my code repo that is in TypeScript. I have popped into a way to place inside ...
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What are .#foo files?

I have placed my autosave and backup files in a single directory .emacs-saves. Backup files appear as ~foo Autosave files appear as #foo# But Emacs seems to also generate .#foo in the current ...
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Save lock-files to a directory instead of disabling them

Emacs 24 introduced the ability to disable the creation of the infamous .#file-name lock files. Evaluating the following lisp form will completely disable Emacs ability to lock files to prevent ...
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