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This tag is to be used for questions related to the Emacs implementations of the client-side of the Language Server Protocol. These implementations aim to provide an IDE-like experience, by providing optional integration with many popular Emacs packages.

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Company: backend company-capf error

I'm using emacs-lsp with company-capf. While editing an elisp file, it works fine. However, once I run eval-buffer, I get the following error when trying to use completion: Company: backend company-...
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How can I disable lsp-headerline?

I'm using centaur tabs, and when lsp-headerline enables my tabs hides. I want to disable that headerline using lsp-headerline-bradcrumb-mode in a hook (use-package lsp-mode :commands (lsp lsp-...
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How to remove LSP <header-line>?

I'm pretty much emacs noob. I've been tinkering in spacemacs for around a month now and got it set up pretty much how I like it. But since I updated it, header line that appears when I open a project ...
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How can I add home folder (`~`) into lsp-workspace-blacklist

I want to add user's home folder (~) into the lsp-workspace-blacklist in the init file. Is it possible to achieve this in the init file? I have tried (lsp-project-blacklist (quote ("~"))) ...
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emacs stalling when looking up definitions with lsp-mode and gopls

I'm using lsp-mode as lsp client and gopls as lsp backend in order to lookup function and variable definitions in go projects. On a given large repository (kubernetes) that I recently wiped and cloned ...
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