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Calling a function interactively without adding it to the command history

In some cases, I often run the same command, say my-common-fun, which I call subsequently with M-x M-p RET, and occasionally run another command, such as my-occasional-fun. I want to call the latter ...
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With Ivy/Counsel, why are some foreground colors in `M-x` a different color than others?

Please see the picture below. Why are some things colored orange? I can't figure out what Face is causing that. This is using Ivy/Counsel.
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multiple-cursors activates M-x automatically

Somehow when running mc/edit-beginnings-of-lines and mc/edit-ends-of-lines it activates M-x for all lines, not letting me use the cursors, how to solve this? I just took a look at .mc-lists.el and ...
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Emacs M-x binding on Mac M1

In emacs M-x command-name can be used to invoke a command. However in Mac M1, for some reason, this is not working. Basically, I am trying option + x or M-x. Any idea about this?
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Display summary information on command when running Meta-x

Since I'm new to GNU Emacs (version 26.1 running on Debian Stable) I'd like to get some information when invoking a command using Meta-x. Currently I'm only able to see a list of possible completions ...
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How do I get an initial M-x argument?

I use an asterisk in my function names, so that to execute one of my own functions, I would begin by typing M-x *. Now I would like to save myself a keystroke and achieve the same by M-X. How do I ...
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helm-M-x fuzzy not working (only match if provide proper prefix)

I set helm-M-x-fuzzy-match to true, but it is not working as I want. For example, if I type log: I expect it to show clm/toggle-command-log-buffer as well.
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How do I define a function to execute as a command with M-x? [duplicate]

I wish to M-x my-func and let my code run. This seems basic but where can I get more documentation about this, if possible inside emacs itself?
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Commands with Keybindings only

When I run helm-M-x and enter characters, I like to see only those commands which has key-bindings. How I can achieve that? I like to have reverse functionality as well, ie.. commands without key-...
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How do I persist M-x calls so they can be displayed in MRU order?

I would like it if my Emacs were to save the M-x calls in most-recently used order and if this order could persist and grow across restarts/other sessions. I am using Helm, so I guess I should be ...
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Re invoke M-x command

After running something with M-x some-command, how do folks get back to the same command? In this example (assume C-x w h is not available please) I try to match some text between DATABASE_URL=...
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Why doesn't generate-new-buffer work in M-x?

According to the documentation generate-new-buffer "buffername" creates a new empty buffer with the given name, yet when I try it in M-x the prompt refuses the name and replaces it with "No match". ...
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Move folder using spacemacs with emacs command

I am a beginner using spacemacs and also new to emacs. What I try is to use the command M-x R new RET (dired-do-rename). Though everytime I type M-x, which is the same as SPC : I end up with helm-M-x. ...
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helm - adding helm-M-x to helm sources

I am able to add few extra sources to helm like this (setq helm-mini-default-sources '(helm-source-buffers-list helm-source-recentf ...
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M-x command completions to all occurrences of a substring

If I do M-x insert TAB Emacs shows a list of possible completions like below Possible completions are: insert-abbrevs insert-anniversary-diary-entry insert-block-diary-entry insert-...
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How to make M-x and C-h f share the history?

It's quite common that I'll look through a command's documentation with C-h f, and then invoke the command with M-x immediately afterwards. Right now, the shortest way I've found to “invoke the last ...
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M-x sometimes doesn't show me the right options (smex?)

This is most likely a problem with a plugin (caching options, using LRU, etc?), but I'm not good enough to really troubleshoot it. My complete dotfiles (not very extensive) can be found here I use ...
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