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git-gutter dont show sign

I just install Emacs with magit & git-gutter. Initialise a git repo then create and manipulate some files but I cannot see any sign. I hit magit-status Then stage and commit and make some changes ...
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Toggle visibility of unchanged files in magit-status

I want to rename a number of tracked but unchanged files via magit. I know that I can use R (magit-file-rename). However, magit-status does not show me unchanged files. How can I toggle the visibility ...
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MAGIT: log: finding expressions in committed files and showing lines containing it, not just commit list

I tried to find how to do this unsuccessfully: When using the search option in MAGIT (l l -G) to search changes, the result is a list of commits that contain such expression. Is there a way to show ...
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Can I tell magit to show untracked files with a repo .git/config that tells it not to?

In my repo's .git/config I have status.showUntrackedFiles set to no (for performance, because it's a very large repo). However, sometimes (e.g. before I push to remote) I'd like to manually check, ...
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