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Questions tagged [margins]

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Can word-wrap / visual-line-mode have different right margins per paragraph?

When visual-line mode is enabled, words wrap at the window edge. When the window is wide, this makes much too long of a line for comfortable reading. To fix that I have found visual-fill-column-mode, ...
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0 answers

Prevent Emacs from scrolling past the last line

Obviously Emacs never scrolls "above" the first line of the buffer. By contrast, it shows a bunch of empty space after the document if you scroll to the last line: I want to make the bottom ...
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0 answers

Adding padding between the fringe and the text

How can I add padding between the right side of the fringe and the left side of my code? I have tried using (set-window-margins nil 1) but the margin is on the left side of the fringe. I'd like to ...
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clickable buttons on headings

Emacs shows clickable buttons when visiting NEWS (C-h n): This is controlled by outline-minor-mode-use-buttons. How to make Org do the same thing?
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How to set display margins for markdown-mode buffers?

Is there a way to set the display margins for markdown-mode buffers? I've read and various suggested solutions but ...
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0 answers

Why can't I create a full-width overlay and display in the margins at the same time?

I want to create an overlay (or, to avoid X-Y problems, a multicolored, multilayered, visually distinct line at an arbitrary position that cannot be removed, like a page-break) that spans the entire &...
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Evil commands reset margin

I'm using evil-mode and olivetti-mode, which adjusts the margins so that the text is centered in the window. My screen usually looks like this: Voluptatem tempore unde eveniet cumque ...
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Setting margins in `text-mode`

I use text files for most of my work. But for printing them on letterhead, I need to set margins to say 3 cm for upper margin and 2.5 cm for lower. Is there any way I can define them in text-mode. ...
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