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Questions tagged [markdown]

Markdown is a lightweight markup language for creating formatted text using a plain-text editor.

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Can word-wrap / visual-line-mode have different right margins per paragraph?

When visual-line mode is enabled, words wrap at the window edge. When the window is wide, this makes much too long of a line for comfortable reading. To fix that I have found visual-fill-column-mode, ...
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Typing in Live-Rendered Markdown

I know there are ways to preview markdown as you type but is there a way to avoid this duplication of text (rendered and pain text in different buffers)? Basically, I want to type in the preview. ...
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How do I live preview markdown, rendering math, checkboxes, etc.?

I’m using Spacemacs with markdown-mode and I’ve configured it according to Jason Blevins’ guide. Other things I’ve tried Pandoc works pretty well except when I set the —lua-filter=task-list.lua flag ...
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Polymode very slow in Rmd files

I am struggling with emacs constantly hanging as soon as I move the cursor into a code chunk in Rmd files. It spends about two seconds moving the cursor after I hit an arrow key. Can you help me get ...
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Displaying markdown in EIN

I've recently started working with EIN, and I have it mostly working now (sans autocompletion unfortunately...). There's still something I'm struggling with which I'm not sure is even possible: is ...
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pandoc: getCurrentDirectory:getWorkingDirectory: permission denied (Operation not permitted)

I'm trying to render the output of a markdown file using C-c C-c p. On doing so, a webpage opens on my browser displaying pandoc: getCurrentDirectory:getWorkingDirectory: permission denied (Operation ...
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Is it possible to disable font faces in Markdown for tables only?

I really like the markdown mode in Emacs (markdown-mode.el v2.4-dev) but when I have monospace in table cells the columns get out of alignment. Not only that, but at times the rendering kind of jerks ...
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How can I avoid escaping quotes when I export an org file to markdown?

"foo" becomes “foo” when I run org-md-export-as-markdown I just want it to export to "foo". How can I fix this?
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Editing helm-bibtex citations in markdown

Helm-bibtex can insert one or multiple (with C-space) citation in some markdown document. I have, however, not found a way to edit these citations afterwards using helm-bibtex. If I call helm-bibtex ...
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How to export an underscore in org-mode, using markdown or gfm, without producing a backslash escaped underscore `\_`?

Given a file: #+OPTIONS: ^:nil * heading this is some text_to_export C-c C-e m m or M-x org-md-export-as-markdown yields: # heading this is some text\_to\_export HTML export does not add the ...
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Detect a region in markdown and run a compilation

It would be really useful if emacs could detect the cursor is currently inside a code-block in my markdown-file and compiles the fragment automatically. I am editing a large markdown file with a lot ...
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Delete trailing whitespace only in code chunks in markdown

I dislike trailing whitespace, so I have emacs remove trailing whitespace at every file-save. Unfortunately, in markdown trailing whitespaces are part of the syntax, as markdown uses two trailing ...
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Emacs is generating HTML file when opening markdown files

I don't know what is happening and how to debug this. I moved my Emacs config from Fedora to Xubuntu 22.04 (that use older version of GNU Emacs) and now each time I open markdown file (only once per ...
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Polymode markdown: export to revealjs

I want to export a markdown document to revealjs slides. When I open the markdown file, poymode markdown major mode is activated. When I choose "export" from the menu, I can specify "...
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org-mode headings renders markdown link syntax of inner code block, how to prevent it from happening?

I am using Doom Emacs with bundled org-mode and markdown-mode. I have org-mode text snippet like this: *** test **** **** block #+begin_src #+end_src **** ...
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How does one set the width of images in org-mode for export to Markdown?

I've tried both #+ATTR_ODT: :width 570px and #+ATTR_MARKDOWN: :width 570px but neither of them work. The image just takes the full width by default. This problem does not happen when I export to HTML ...
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How to export .org file to markdown with title, author, tags, etc... information included?

I'd like to use org-mode to create blog posts which are to published on GitHub Pages. I found a repository with a nice stencil with tags and search option and I would like just to use it. However, the ...
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2 answers

How can I paste a defvar into the minibuffer?

I've written a regular expression to transform Markdown links into Org Mode links and I've stored it into a variable. (defvar markdown-link-to-org-regexp "s/\[\(.+\)\](\(.+\))/[[\2][\1]]") ...
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How do I set flycheck-markdown-mdl-rules

I'm trying to get FlyCheck to ignore a rule used by mdl for checking syntax files. I'm not very lisp or emacs savvy, but I've added this code to my personal.el file. ;; Turn off mdl message [...
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How to load image using iimage-mode when I first open a markdown file?

I have a file which embeds an image ![](file://tmp.jpg) I have added iimage mode to the markdown mode hook and even added recenter to it (add-hook 'markdown-mode-hook 'iimage-mode) (add-hook '...
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org-mode markdown broken

I install (latest) org-mode on emacs 25.1 from like this (use-package org :ensure org-plus-contrib :defer t) (require 'ox-md) If I try to export the draft of my book (...
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Does 25.1 allow Markdown viewing?

With the new 25.1 installed, I'm wondering if there is a better way to view a Markdown inside an Emacs buffer. Would this involve xwidget? Not sure how to enable/install xwidget on my new Emacs 25.1.
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Is there a way to colorize markdown coding partial

I want to colorize code snippet in markdown-mode. # foo.rb def foo do_something end And javascript code. // bar.js function bar(){ do_something(); } In markdown-mode the codes are colored by ...
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