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How to use markers as keys in a hash map?

I'm creating a hash map and I'd like to use markers as keys. I set the hash map equality test to "equal", but the last line from the below code is returning ("bye" "fly") ...
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Do markers need to be explicitly cleared to be garbage collected?

When creating markers, should code that may fail (a user defined function for example) clean-up after it's self? So for example, new markers are created, the function of unknown origin is called, on ...
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Store the cursor position relative to surrounding text, make edits, then insert text at the stored location

I have some insert functions that take some time (e.g., doing network IO). I like to store the current point position, and then insert the text at the stored point. This should be robust to some small ...
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Searching text between markers as in Nota Bene

The Word Processor Nota Bene has a feature which I would like if possible to emulate within Emacs. One can insert into a document non-printing markers which are then used to delineate areas of text or ...
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Set colour/font for markers [duplicate]

Is it possible to set the colour or font of markers (e.g. the ones set by gud in gud-display-line by using make-marker). The theme I am using shows markers in a difficult-to-see light gray. I would ...
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Interactive: region beginning/end as markers

When I need a function to operate on a region I do, for example: (defun myfunction (B E) (interactive "r") (let ((b (make-marker)) (e (make-marker))) (set-marker b B) (set-marker e E) ...
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How to get entry text and property value in agenda? [closed]

What is the lisp function to get some entry text (excluding descendant items) for the highlighted item in the org-agenda? org-agenda-get-some-entry-text seems to be promising. I have called it like ...
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How to delete a marker

Q:  How can I delete a marker after it has been created? I see how to create markers and how to move markers, but I see nothing in the manual about how to delete them: Creating:
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