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How to extract markups?

Sorry for the vagueness of the question, I hope the following explanation will be clear enough. I often keep notes of my readings and most of these notes are composed of extracts of these readings. I ...
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Need an emacs function that reformats a comment, left and right padded

Context When writing a long text file that has some structure (program, TeX/LaTeX document, whatever programming or markup language), it can be handy to make structure visually salient into visible ...
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Possible to copy-paste without markup in Org-mode?

You can add inline code and verbatim text in Org-mode using this syntax: ~<code>cd ~~</code>~ =verbatim /text/= This is expected to display: <code>cd ~</code> verbatim /text/...
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Ignore org mark-up line-by-line, when responding using org-mime

I'm using org-mime to send e-mails inside mu4e - the exact details are outlined in the reference here. I will cover the specifics of this problem below. This works well, however when replying I note ...
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Org-mode markup between square brackets

My question concerns org-mode. I'm trying to add the characters [ and ] to the org-emphasis-regexp-components in order to mark up words between square brackets. So I get for example the following ...
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Fontify org quote blocks with font-locked markup

I have org-fontify-quote-and-verse-blocks set to t and '(org-block ((t (:foreground "#2E8B57")))) to make quote blocks stand out in a particular color. However, this also means that I cannot get ...
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Center image in GitHub's

I want to center an image in my project's GitHub file, but everything I've tried so far hasn't worked: #+ATTR_HTML style="center" [[/path/to/img.png]] #+ATTR_HTML align="center" [[/path/...
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Mark up only part of a word

It's easy to make whole words bold, italic etc. by using the asterisk/slash before and after the word. It's imperative however to also have a space in front of the opener markup, and after the closer ...
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Raw v.s. Rendered - how to modify the mode for various markup languages so they render nicely, rather than as source

There are many wonderful markup languages. For example here are some of their file extensions: nroff, md, tex, org, info, rtf, ps, html, etc. etc. We love them all. In most cases I visit these ...
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