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How to abort an ediff merge?

I use ediff to merge mercurial conflicts (and sometimes git conflicts), but I can't seem to abort. Ediff pops up as soon as a conflict is detected, and quitting and not saving results in mercurial ...
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Possible to make vc-dir aware of (hg) subrepo changes?

vc-dir works really well for most of my needs, as I use both hg and svn repositories. But most of the hg repos I work with have subrepositories. I typically use vc-dir buffers for each of the subrepos ...
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Is that possible to Emacs to respect .gitattributes and .hgeol?

Is that possible to Emacs to respect .gitattributes and .hgeol? I am again on Windows with Cygwin emacs-w32 and would like if Emacs honor project specific CR/LF settings for new files...
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include hg subrepository in projectile

I am using projectile in a project with many externals (hg subrepositories). Each subrepository is treated as a separate project by Projectile. Is there any way to configure Projectile to ...
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How to use ediff with (hg) changesets?

I have not found a good way to use ediff with Mercurial changsets. What I want is basically the functionality of vc-dir, but for committed changesets. The input should be a changeset identifier, and I ...
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Insert and strip helpful comments from vc commit message buffer

When I run hg commit (or git commit, same difference...) from the command line without supplying a commit message it pops up an emacs buffer with the following contents: . . HG: Enter commit message. ...
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