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provides optional features that users may enable or disable independently of the choice of major mode. Minor modes can be enabled individually or in combination with other modes.

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How to override major mode bindings

Sometimes my global keybindings are overridden by a major mode. An easy example is the following setting in my init file (global-set-key (kbd "C-j") 'newline-and-indent) But annoyingly this ...
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global-auto-revert-mode doesn't seem to work?

My init file includes (setq global-auto-revert-mode t) and I can confirm it's true with C-h v. But I still have to manually revert all my files with revert-buffer whenever I change git branches. I ...
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Proper way to enable minor mode

I have foo-mode and would enable bar-minor-mode for it. So which way is more common and preferable? A (add-hook 'foo-mode-hook 'bar-minor-mode) B (add-hook 'foo-mode-hook (lambda () ...
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Hide list of minor modes in mode-line

I use quite a few minor modes and usually I know which minor mode is enabled in every major mode. If I really want to see the full list, I can run C-h v minor-mode-list. At the same time, my mode ...
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Enabling a minor mode in all but some buffers

I want to enable display-line-numbers-mode in all buffers except pdf buffers. Can I do that without making a list of all the major modes except pdf-view mode?
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How can I 'layer' a keybinding?

I'm trying to create an emmet-like minor mode that will trigger on SPC (or TAB) if the previous text is expandable, but I don't want to completely override bindings that already exist for the key. ...
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How to set a rule for the order of minor-mode-map-alist

Suppose we have 3 mode, one such rule is like key map for mode 1 should always come before mode 2, and mode 3 should always come before mode 1, finally mode 3 should always come before other minor ...
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Synchronized scrolling in two windows

Is there a way to reflect the navigation commands in the current window in another visible window. I have two related LaTeX files displayed in two windows and would like to scroll through them ...
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Disable Minor Mode in Major Mode

I am trying to disable a minor mode (flycheck) for the latex major mode. This is what I have so far. (defun disable-flycheck-in-tex-src-block () (flycheck-mode -1)) (add-hook 'latex-mode-hook '...
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Disable hl-line-mode only for eshell and ansi-term

I have global-hl-line-mode setup in my init file: (use-package hl-line :init (global-hl-line-mode 1)) Is it possible to disable it when I am in eshell and ansi-term? I tried adding a hook like ...
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3 answers

Auto enable minor modes in fundamental-mode

By design, the fundamental-mode is bare bones as other major modes are supposed to derive from this one. From the info page (elisp) Major Modes, we have: This is the major mode command for ...
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Can I add highlighting in a minor mode?

I'm trying to understand minor modes with the goal of adding a minor mode for Jinja2 syntax highlighting (from jinja2-mode) to stuff like YAML. I'm running into problems though. When following a ...
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Understanding precedence of minor modes keymaps

I would like to understand when keymaps of minor modes get "applied" and how do they get applied exactly? In particular, is there a way to see a list of a active minor-mode maps? I know I can look the ...
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Disabling visual-line-mode only in org-agenda-mode

My emacs configuration has global visual line mode enabled via (global-visual-line-mode 1). I want to disable this mode, but only when in org-agenda-mode. When I do this manually, via M-x org-agenda, ...
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Different abbrevs for each major mode

The says You can have different abbrevs for each mode (cperl, c++, Message); but it doesn't show exactly how, yet that's exactly what I am looking for. So, ...
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Disabling electric-indent-mode for one mode (latex mode) only

I don't like the way electric indent mode works in latex-mode. Everywhere else (at least everywhere I use), it's great. How can I permanently disable electric indent mode for latex mode only, but ...
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How to automatically remove a hook provided by a minor mode after disabling that mode?

I want to write a minor which evaluates some code in the buffer after saving a file. I activate after-save-hook for this mode: (add-hook 'my-minor-mode-name-hook #'(lambda () (add-hook 'after-save-...
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How to make electric-pair-mode buffer local?

I would like electric-pair-mode to be enabled only in the buffers where I am editing, say, Emacs Lisp. But it seems that electric-pair-mode is a "global minor mode": if it is activated in one buffer, ...
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How to look up documentation for a minor mode?

I just decided that I should try the outline-minor-mode for showing and hiding Emacs lisp defun definitions in an Emacs Lisp file. So I typed M-x outline-minor-mode and then I would like to get an ...
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how to disable minor mode (enabled using prog-mode-hook) for a particular major mode

I've enabled auto-complete-mode mode using prog-mode-hook like so: (add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'auto-complete-mode), but I want auto-complete-mode to be disabled for python-mode. How can I achieve this ?...
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How to do searches in MediaWiki mode?

How to do searches in MediaWiki mode? If I instead do searches in Web browser, and then copy the URI of the page into Emacs, it sort of defeats the purpose of using Emacs as and MediaWiki power ...
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buffer-local advice

I am trying to create a buffer local advice to run some code when a minor mode is disabled. I looked through the documentation for add-function and saw this If PLACE is a symbol, its `default-value' ...
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How to learn the stroke order of a kanji (or kana) character using Emacs

As a devoted Emacs user and a Japanese beginner learner, I've been using the Emacs' Japanese input method quite a lot during recent months. However, I've been looking for a way to leverage Emacs' ...
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How to enable the superword minor mode globally?

I am just wondering how to enable the superword-mode globally? I tried to enable it following the answers found here: How to enable ido-mode forever? , using: (require 'superword-mode) (...
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Mode local variables

I frequently use file-local variables, but after writing some minor modes I find the need to implement mode-based behavior. Let's say I want to define a variable errors-list-regexp that varies ...
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How to detect if current major-mode supports which-function and semantic/find?

I am implementing a feature to automatically generate a bookmark name by extracting information from the current context. Many packages provide such info. For example which-func (through (which-...
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Make all text of a given face invisible

Is there a straightforward way to make all text with a given face invisible? I don't believe I can make invisibility be intrinsic to the face, but can I perhaps specify a minor mode that makes sure ...
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How to get the mode-specific help information or help files

No matter in which mode I am currently in, is there a general way / key combination to open the help file related to the currently active mode?
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disable minor mode inside source blocks

i have org mode set up with typo minor mode and pretty entities enabled by default. but when i work on programming, these two are totally useless inside the source code blocks i insert into org ...
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Activating a minor mode for outline-minor-mode for elisp files

I am working on a minor mode that adds functionality to outline-minor-mode associated with different major modes (e.g. emacs-lisp-mode, fortran-mode). This is the minor mode file taxocalc.el ;; ...
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How to change mode-map of the minor mode?

I would like to change the mode-map of a minor mode with mode map. I mean replacing the original mode-map that was specified in the define-minor-mode call with another one. Keeping the two mode-map ...
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How to enable a minor mode immediately after a buffer is open?

I have been using a pdf-tools fork with a image-roll.el support, this fork and file make it possible to scroll continuously from the end of a page to the beginning of the other without jumping from ...
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Permanently disable `org-indent-mode`?

I can toggle org-indent-mode with M-x org-indent-mode, however I don't want it on by default. I tried, on my config file, (org-indent-mode -1), but I get a "undefined symbol" error. I also tried using ...
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mac-mwheel-scroll screws centered-positon-mode when using mouse pad on a macbook laptop

I am able to scroll using navigation buttons and external mouse on a Mac with this code that keeps the cursor at a specific line at all times. I am using this code since it is much faster than ...
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How do I enable a mode, when another mode runs?

All I want to do is enable tern-mode, when I enter js-mode. I know that a hook called js-mode is run when I open a javascript file but for some reason tern-mode is not enabled. In my init.el file I ...
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Disabling automatic line highlighting

Every time I open a new file in emacs, hl-line-mode is enabled. I have put (global-hl-line-mode -1) (hl-line-mode -1) in my init.el, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong???
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