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MMM mode is a minor mode that allows multiple major modes to coexist in the same buffer

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Can I use mmm-mode two levels deep?

I have the following elixir code that looks like this: defmodule Drawing do use Surface.Component def render(assigns) do ~H""" <svg viewBox={{ "0 0 #{@width} #{@height}" }}> {...
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mmm-mode strange behavior with perl-shell-script

Background: I've been working with a program that is about half Bash and half perl. I thought I'd give mmm-mode a try since it sounded like just the mode for me. I don't know lisp well enough to be ...
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1 answer

Syntactic fontification of diff hunks

I'm looking for a multiple-major-modes package that doesn't remove fontification of the host mode from its inner submodes? I tried MMM Mode and Polymode, but they remove the initial fontification and ...
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1 answer

mmm-mode and flyspell

I use mmm-mode in order to add python code in LaTeX. So i have something like this in my emacs config: (use-package mmm-mode :ensure t :config (mmm-add-group 'latex-python '((latex-...
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How do I install `mmm-mode` (through MELPA)?

mmm-mode is available on Melpa. Yet both `M-x` `list-packages` `C-s` `mmm-mode` and `M-x` `package-install` `mmm-mode` suggest that it's not. How do I install mmm-mode (through MELPA)?
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In mmm-mode can you have several classes for the same mode?

In my code I have the following to delimit regions that initiate/end whatevz-mode: (require 'mmm-mode) (setq mmm-global-mode 'maybe) (mmm-add-classes '((whatevz :submode whatevz-mode ...