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Questions tagged [mobileorg]

MobileOrg is a companion mobile app that runs on iOS and Android devices. MobileOrg enables offline-views and capture support for an Org mode system that is rooted on a “real” computer. MobileOrg can record changes to existing entries. Use mobileorg tag for both the external application and org-mobile-push and org-mobile-pull features of Org mode.

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Org Mobile staging area with a WebDAV: Unable to set 'org-mobile-directory' with TRAMP

I have a working Owncloud server, and I would like to use Org Mobile to sync my Org files with my phone. Following "Setting up the staging area" in the info doc for Org Mobile, I have customized the ...
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Why "" filename cannot be changed?

I have (setq org-mobile-inbox-for-pull "~/org/") in my .emacs (also set the var manually to the same effect), and still when doing (org-mobile-pull) emacs stores new entries in the file ...
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org-mobile-push gives args out of range

I'm trying to set up org-mobile, but I just get an error whenever I try to push: Creating agendas... Args out of range: 1, 1 I've tried both with a blank config and a config as below. EDIT5: ...
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Search tasks by tags in Mobileorg Android

I'm trying to use Mobileorg in android. Mobileorg syncs well with my Dropbox. The org files staged are captured well by mobileorg. However I'm having trouble searching for tasks based on tags. ...
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Syncing org files under version control and MobileOrg

I have a setup in which I keep my .org files in a git repo, with one fork in my laptop and other in my office computer (whose filesystem I can access remotely always). I recently set up MobileOrg in ...
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Symbol's function definition is void: org-mobile-files-alist

EDIT: Now I can see the error only happens if I include certain code to do an automatic push, adopted from It seems that this block of code wants to use org-mobile-...
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Orgmode - scheduling recurring events without using sexp or +-syntax

I'm trying to use my Orgmode calendar via MobileOrg on my Android devices, to push events to the Google calendar, and neither sexp-formatted events nor recurring events (set up with +) seem to appear ...
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