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Mouse Avoidance mode Not Working When Set to `proteus`

Execute emacs -q and then evaluate (custom-set-variables '(make-pointer-invisible nil) '(mouse-avoidance-mode 'proteus)) When cursor moves closer to mouse-pointer, an error is raised: Error ...
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How to increase x-pointer size

I would like to increase the size of the x-pointer (mouse cursor) in Emacs on plain Xorg (I'm running Emacs 28.2 and EXWM as window manager). The standard X solutions work but don't seem to influence ...
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Make Emacs not change mouse pointer color and theme

I found the this answer to the question of how to change ones mouse pointer color for when the mouse pointer is hovering over Emacs: However, this really ...
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Undo one specific line in a text file within Emacs

Usually when doing the normal undo it will undo all code changes since you went into insert-mode (for me it's evil-undo). I was wondering if it were possible to implement a function that will only ...
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Making mouse pointer invisible (x-pointer-invisible)

I am trying to hide the mouse pointer via: (setq x-pointer-shape x-pointer-invisible) (setq x-sensitive-text-pointer-shape x-pointer-invisible) (setq void-text-area-pointer 'text) (set-mouse-color (...
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How to immediately enable the wait cursor until an operation is finished?

When performing an operation which often takes a few seconds, how can the hourglass mouse pointer be shown immediately using Lisp? Otherwise, the default behavior is to show the hourglass after some ...
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