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How can I play a song with mpc.el without adding it to the playlist first?

Whenever I try to play a new song in mpc.el. mpc-songs-jump-to: This song is not in the playlist I have to mpc-playlist-add the song before I can play it. Why is that? This is not the behavior of ...
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Getting 'info-playing-time for track in Emms, emms-status

I'm trying to use the emms-state package to get a nice-looking description of the currently playing track in the mode line. It mostly works -- track name, artist, year, and current timestamp -- but I ...
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EMMS: browse by folders

Is there a way in EMMS that I can browse by folders, instead of artists? I can use smart browse to open a buffer that can add songs to the playlist. That buffer opens by artists, how can I change it ...
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Google Play Music

It is possible to control Spotify with spotify.el and helm-spotify packages right from Emacs, and that's awesome. But I couldn't find a simple way to control Google Play Music, has anyone figured it ...
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Why can't EMMS play flac files using the mplayer backend?

I'm trying to use EMMS with mplayer as its backend. So far, everything works fine, but for some reason, EMMS refuses point-blank to play anything with a .flac extension in my playlist. I've checked ...
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EMMS and LibreFM: How do I tell LibreFM to love or ban tracks?

When I play something through LibreFM's web client, I can ask it to love or ban certain tracks. How do I do this in EMMS configured to play music from LibreFM?
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4 answers

What are the options to play music from within Emacs?

I have a bunch of music (.mp3) files on my disk, and I would like to play them from within Emacs. I tried EMMS, but it seems rather bloated. I'm curious about other possibilities, with comparison of ...