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Questions tagged [neotree]

NeoTree is an emacs tree plugin like NERD tree for Vim.

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1 answer

Moving from VSCode: suggest a workflow that does not involve the tree view

I am considering moving from VScode to emacs, mostly motivated by the awesomeness of emacs; and by org-mode. But I am genuinely struggling to be comfortable without having a project tree view. How do ...
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how do i customize font faces and sizes in neotree buffer

I am trying to find a good folder view package to work alongside projectile and magit, I tried treemacs for a while and did not find it to my liking, I am now trying neotree. Neotree seems to be ...
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Search file within neotree in an unexpanded directory

Is it possible to search a file in neotree which is deep inside some directory? The normal search only searches in the visible parts i.e., within directories that have been expanded. I am looking for ...
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spacemacs opens file in terminal split

I'm using neotree and as you know it opens a file in the most recent window split you accessed before switching to neotree (window 0). Sometimes this last accessed split is the ansi-term window I ...
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Spacemacs: shortcut to jump from opened orgmode file to Neotree pane

I am using Spacemacs. So I have a Neotree pan that I open with Spc-f-t and that works fine. Then I can navigate down the tree to open a file with l and that will move the cursor from the Neotree pane ...
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neotree: `all-the-icons-icon-for-dir` raises void-function error

I am getting an error with neotree and i dont know why the arguments from call-interactively are nil. Edit: The Problem is within neotree and i have an empty init file just with neotree and the ...
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Emacs 26-1 Problems : find-file and neotree

The Problems: I just did a full re-install to Fedora 29, which included the dnf install emacs command. This installed emacs 26-1; formerly I was using emacs 25.2. Formerly, my emacs initialization ...
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How can I split the neotree window in spacemacs/emacs

I want my neotree window not to extend all the way to the bottom as shown here. How is that possible? If I try to split it I get an error saying the side window can't be split.
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how to rename a file in neotree without ivy select confusing? [duplicate]

I have this directory structure for example: /a/a1.txt I want rename /a/a1.txt to /a/a1, and hoping this result: /a/a1 But when I invoke C-c C-r command at the node of /a/a1.txt and input ...
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1 answer

Enter does nothing in NeoTree

I have NeoTree installed. When I navigate through folders and files in it and when I press enter, nothing happens. I don't get into a directory. I've tried TAB also -- nothing. M-x describe-key ...
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16 votes
2 answers

Neotree window not resizable

I get this message when I try to resize the neotree window using my mouse: No resizable window on the left of this one Does anyone know how I can make the neotree window re-sizable?
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0 answers

Set Neotree width by percentage?

I currently have this in my config file for neotree: ;(neotree-show) (setq neo-window-width 25) Does anyone know how I can set the window width to 25 percent?
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Showing different project-trees in different instances of emacs daemon

At this point I usually hook up into my emacs-daemon using emacsclient -a "" -c "$@". When I also want to display my project using Neotree, this works well for only one instance but if I open a file ...
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3 answers

Stopping Neotree from constantly switching to the open file's directory?

I have the problem that, even when I'm in a projectile project, NeoTree always switches to the directory of the currently open file in the active buffer. Which is annoying to say the least. It used ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How can I set NeoTree to always show hidden files?

The only way i know to make NeoTree show hidden files is to use neotree-hidden-file-toggle, but this is meant to be used interactively when the NeoTree buffer is the active buffer. Is there a way to ...
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