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Emacs hangs the network when C-g or M-x keyboard-quit, what does keyboard-quit do behind the scenes?

Working with emacs on a new RH8 network accessed from a remote windows machine using VNC. Emacs is running on RH8. Starting from emacs -Q when I perform C-g or M-x keyboard-quit emacs hangs and the ...
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How to search regex in a url-retrieve buffer?

I'm trying to implement a login system with emacs lisp, the login system has a hidden input field that's initially empty and is filled by a piece of javascript code when submitting. I'm currently ...
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Find the IPv4 address of the host

I'm configuring simple-httpd so I can access my elfeed remotely and would like to automatically detect the IP address of the host (since I use the config across machines and want to set it dynamically)...
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Understanding certificate security warning

I'm encountering the below warning about a change in the fingerprint for a server I regularly connect to: Certificate information Issued by: R3 Issued to: ...
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Why this magit process happens after pushing some changes to a remote repository? How to avoid it?

After pushing some changes to a remote repository using magit, Emacs shows this process running: git-credenti... 72390 run *git-creden... /dev/pts/1 git credential-cache--daemon /home/pedro/....
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Different folder for .emacs (not HOME)

My company's I.T. department has assigned our HOME directory to a network server. With the COVID-19 pandemic we are now using VPN to connect to the company's network. Having to to go through VPN to ...
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Lexical binding in a process filter

The code constantly prints server-process: nil instead of the server process name: -*- lexical-binding: t; -*- (let* ((port 1234) (server-process 'something)) (setq server-process (...
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How to use skewer mode beyond localhost?

I'd like to write the code for a website on one pc and see the results in a browser on another pc in my local network. For calling the skewer script in html, I replaced localhost with the local ip of ...
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How do I retrieve the machine's hostname?

I'm currently hacking on an elisp IRC bot and have a section of code that I want to enable only when it's run on a remote machine with a specific hostname. However, I couldn't find any premade ...
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How to get the IP address of a host in Elisp?

I need something like get-host-by-name or getent-hosts but I can not find any. Do they exist?
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make-network-process fails in Emacs 25

make-network-process fails on Emacs25 ( 2016-07-03) when loaded with -q and -Q and trying to eval the following example: (make-network-process :name "*server2*" :type nil ; stream :server ...
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Display all internet connections during startup

How can I display all Internet connections that are used during startup? Sometimes I work in a low speed Internet environment and I would like to remove all the Internet connection code during startup....
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Find IPv6 address of network interface

I want to find the IP addresses of all network interfaces in an elisp program. I tried this: (mapcar (lambda (if) (cons (car if) (network-interface-info (car if)))) (network-interface-...
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Tramp method for Docker

I want to add a Tramp method for opening files from Docker containers. Here's what I've got so far (but it doesn't work): (add-to-list 'tramp-methods '("docker" (...
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Local host's FQDN in Emacs 25?

In Emacs 24, the function system-name returns an FQDN. In Emacs 25, system-name returns just the host name, and there doesn't seem to be a good way to get the FQDN. How do I get an FQDN portably ...
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Elisp code to check for internet connection

When I open Emacs, it evaluates my init file, which includes refreshing my package archives via internet connection. This is problematic when I don't have an internet connection, thus I need to ...
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Emacs on Windows 7 very slow when computer is outside company network

I'm using GNU Emacs 24.3 on Windows 7 and normally I don't have any problems with speed/responsiveness. I'm launching Emacs with runemacs.exe However, when I am travelling and try to connect to my ...
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Why is emacs attempting to connect to remote bookmarks after I deleted them?

I had bookmarks to some files on windows servers for quick and easy access. Well, I lost access to the server (the account's password changed), so I 1) removed those entries from my bookmarks list and ...
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How do I connect to IRC using Emacs?

I want to get onto the #Emacs channel on Freenode. How do I do it?
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How do I use emacsclient to connect to a remote emacs instance?

I'd like to be able to run emacs on one computer: server $ emacs --daemon And then connect to it from another: local $ emacsclient -c server Is this possible? If so, how?
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How can I download a web page's source from Emacs?

I want to use Emacs as an enhanced way to view the source of a page (say Is there some easy way to download the page directly from Emacs, maybe even through C-x C-f? I remember ...
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