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org-notifications doesn't work

There has been many reports of org-notifications failing to work. Has anyone managed to set it up in the latest emacs?
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How can I configure ERC to notify me when any message is sent from certain channels?

I am trying to configure ERC to give me a desktop notification when any message is sent in particular channels. I looked through the code of both erc-desktop-notifications.el and erc-notify.el and ...
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2 answers

How can I send a desktop notification via Emacs?

In bash syntax, one can use notify-send to make a message appear in the desktop. How can we accomplish the same with elisp?
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How to set title for org-alert for notification?

I use org-alert to send notifications about my agenda to libnotify, so I can see the notifications via Dunst. All works well but everytime the notification pops up, its title is pretty generic. I ...
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Get notified through Diary or Org-Mode even when Emacs is closed?

I am using Emacs on my Pine Phone running Mobian (Debian with a phone shell). What I am looking to do is set up Diary or Org-Mode to set up a calendar and get notifications when Emacs isn't running. I ...
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Is it possible to make 'tput bel' behave like it does in iTerm with a macOS Dock badge?

Running sleep 1s && tput bel inside iTerm and quickly tabbing out into another application displays this very nice notification badge in the Dock: I tried running (shell-command "sleep ...
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2 answers

Org-mode calendar notifications on Windows 10

I'm looking for a way to have emacs send me desktop notifications (on Windows 10) for appointments in my org file. I did find a way to be notified within emacs (
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How does emacs flash its icon on the windows taskbar?

Sometimes when I run a process if there is an error during the process the emacs icon on the windows taskbar lights up, so if I'm in an other app I can see something happened there. I'd like to use ...
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How do I tell the alert package to use growl on windows 7?

I would like to use the alert.el package for notifications on windows 7. Therefore, I installed growl for windows and I can trigger notifications by using growlnotify.exe. When customizing the alert ...
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Return System Notification When Long-running Comint Process Completes?

I often have long-running processes in comint shells (e.g. SQL or fitting statistical models, both usually via an R/ESS shell). While they're running I navigate away and do something in another ...
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How to get notifications from Erc in macOS?

I just started using erc in emacs and I've built emacs with --with-dbus compile option. I enabled notifications (so that I can get a notifications when my erc nickname gets mentioned) module in Erc ...
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