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Questions tagged [nrepl]

nREPL is a networked Clojure REPL: it provides a server and client, along with some common APIs of use to IDEs and other tools that may need to evaluate Clojure code in remote environments. Several Clojure development tools connect to nREPL servers, such as Leiningen, Counterclockwise, and nrepl.el.

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M-x cider-jack-in keeps starting server forever, but not really starting. How to integrate Emacs development to this Clojure project?

I am new to Clojure and I am using one of Eirc Normad's course to learn. After following the instructions, I do a git clone of: git clone ...
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Key binding to run Clojure code in running cider REPL and specified namespace

I have cider working just fine in Emacs with my Clojure code. I am following a tutorial that uses Cursive as the IDE; in the tutorial they were able to define a key binding to a line of code in a ...
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M-x cider-jack-in, nrepl won't start

I am completely new to Emacs so apologies if this is a stupid question. I am following the Emacs configuration as outlined in Clojure for the Brave and True. Unfortunately, when trying to start the ...
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CIDER, how to fix "No cljs REPLs in current session" error

I'm editing a ClojureScript file, and I have a working ClojureScript REPL in another buffer. But when I try to evaluate a form in my file ui.cljs, with C-c C-c, I get a beep an a message in the mini-...
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Reloading Clojure nrepl automatically

The way that I'm reloading the nrepl in Clojure seems too bulky. When I load a Clojure project and nrepl, I: Create a keyboard macro to input and return something like (use 'my-namespace.core :...
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How can I make nrepl-ritz-jack-in work remotely over TRAMP / Emacs

What I want: I have a clojure program on a remote site, let's call it mccarthy. What I want to do is connect to a nrepl-ritz from my laptop, preferably using nrepl-ritz-jack-in. The jack in works ...
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