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How do I construct a Platypus script to open a file in emacs from the finder?

I am trying to use Platypus to wrap a bash script to open a file in emacs using emacsclient. The script that I am using looks like: /Applications/ -n -c "$@...
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Using openwith (or alternative) on Mac

My openwith-associations includes: ("\\.xlsx\\'" "Microsoft Excel" (file))) But this doesn't work. How should this association be written? Is there a better way to open the file ...
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Open pdf with evince in orgmode link

When i click or C-c C-o on pdf link in org-mode, Emacs opens the pdf with gimp. I don't find how to overide this behavior. Tried with these two recipes (require 'openwith) (openwith-mode t) (add-to-...
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Email is opened in an external program when I try to send it

When I compose an email with message (via mu4e or otherwise), and include an attachment for a LibreOffice document, I can't send the message. When I try to send it, instead of having the normal ...
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Dired: File open using external viewers, based on filetype, and without prompting

When I hit RETURN on a filename in Dired, I'd like Emacs to automatically do one of several things, depending on the file's type: 1 - If it's a text file, I'd like to open the file in a new buffer in ...
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Make helm-recentf open files with external program?

tl;dr Which keymap is active in helm-recentf? Or is there a better way to accomplish my goal? I want to use emacs as my file browser. When I select a file with helm-find-files or helm-recentf, I want ...
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dired alternative to openwith: how to open file per extension?

openwith seems to kill replying in mu4e. Is there a similar/alternative solution for easy defining default apps per extensions in dired?
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How play multiple videos from dired?

I have multiple short videos in a directory and I have to play all of them in a queue. By using a file manager(Nautilus), I can select videos and then right click, select vlc and all videos will be ...
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emacs not opening PDF files in external viewer

I have configured Emacs to open certain file types with external viewers: (progn (require 'openwith) ...
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How supress Dired confirmation of large file for specific extensions?

I started to use Dired. The movie files will be opened by another external application (VLC) with the help of the package openwith. So I would like to supress the confirmation File foobar.avi is too ...
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Openwith doesn't work in dired

Here is my openwith settings: (require 'openwith) (setq openwith-associations '(("\\.mov\\'" "smplayer" (file)))) (openwith-mode t) When I press enter in dired mode on a .mov file, it still open it ...
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Org-mode: Can't display inline images when openwith-mode is turned on

I use openwith to open images and a number of other types of files in external applications. It works a treat, but gets in the way of displaying inline images in org-mode buffers: When I do C-c C-x C-...
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