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Questions tagged [org-contacts]

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1 answer

org-contacts trying to use rows in the contacts file as org-agenda-files

Calling org-contacts and input a name, I expect in return a list of contacts matching that name. Instead, it results in emacs trying to interpret each row of my contacts file as org-agenda-files. ...
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2 answers

How to automatically build org links from an org-contacts contact?

Let's say I have the following contact in my org-contacts org file : * John Doe :PROPERTIES: :EMAIL: [email protected] :PHONE: +44 20 7630 2400 :COMPANY: Ubuntu :NOTE: :END: How ...
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How to manage contacts with associated org notes (to build a light CRM)?

I started using Org-Mode 10 years ago to implement a GTD like system, which introduced me to Emacs. Being so gratified and continually finding new usages, I now use Org-Mode for almost everything. ...
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3 votes
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How is `org-contacts` installed?

I have been thinking about setting up a list of my relations. Something to keep track of when we last met, what their food preferences are along with contact information. A normal org file will ...
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Mailing lists with org-contact

Premise: I am not an expert of emacs-lisp, unfortunately. I am handling all my emails with mu4e, and since it integrates well with org-contacts, I use the latter to handle my address book. However, ...
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How to get the value of :ID: property of a org-contacts-entry in an org-capture-template?

Problem I want to get the value of a property of a org-contacts-db entry: \* Example Contact :MYTAG: :PROPERTIES: :ID: foobar :END: With the function call (org-contacts-filter "Example ...
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Picture of sender in mu4e

How can I see a mini-picture or icon of the email sender in the headers view and email view in mu4e? Is there an easy way to achieve this using, say org-contacts?
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