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How to set mail-user-agent to mu4e-user-agent

Pressing , m in an org buffer does org-mime-org-buffer-htmlize and opens the htmlized message in message-mode but I want it in mu4e-compose-mode. How can I have this message opened in mu4e in order ...
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Ignore org mark-up line-by-line, when responding using org-mime

I'm using org-mime to send e-mails inside mu4e - the exact details are outlined in the reference here. I will cover the specifics of this problem below. This works well, however when replying I note ...
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gnus to send html-formatted emails

I'm trying to send an html-formatted email via gnus. I found this:!topic/ which suggests: 1. M-x mml-insert-part enter 2. Content type: ...
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org-mime-htmlize export body only

I am looking for a way to export the html/text body part generated by org-mime-htmlize without the header. I use notmuch mail for most of my mailing and threading is very important to me, so I want ...
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how to use CSS to change styling of elements in org-mime emails?

The org-mime page describes how to use org-mime-html-hook to style HTML email by inserting inline CSS. I used this method to successfully change the styling of my body paragraphs by targeting <p>...
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a function to org-mime-subtree then org-mime-HTMLize?

I'm trying to streamline my email-sending tasks into my org-mode workflow, and I’d like a way to quickly email a subtree to someone. I'm trying to create a function that will: org-mime-subtree ...
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