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Org capture to existing file

I would like to use org-protocol to capture to an existing org file if one already exists. I am using a function to generate the file name interactively for the org file to be captured to: (defun my/...
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Export org-protocol links to html

In the process of exporting Org files to html, I would like an org-protocol link in Org mode to export to html using the html export backend. In my Org file, my org-protocol link is styled like this: [...
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org-protocol URLs with UTF-8 (URL-encoded) characters aren't properly captured

When using org-protocol capture URLs on Windows, pages with non-ASCII titles or captured text results in a capture with incorrect values applied in the template. Despite such characters being properly ...
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Combining org-protocol with org-roam

Hi everybody roamy :), I am attempting to combine org-protocol with org-roam. My chrome bookmark contains: javascript:location.href = 'org-protocol://roam-ref?template=p&ref=' + encodeURIComponent(...
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How do I make Emacs not complain about not being able to start a new server?

I use the mac port version of emacs for handling org-protocol URLs, because I need a graphical instance when I use org-protocol from Chrome. The problem is that emacs will try to start an emacs server ...
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org-protocol not responding

Description I use org-capture extension which had been working great for about 6 months. I have trouble making org-protocol work from Firefox since 8/1/19. When hitting the extension button in FF, ...
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Have an org-protocol that opens a file and moves point to it

I would like to have an org-protocol that supports line numbers. For example org-protocol://open-file?file=/foo/ss/subdir/foo.js&line=132 This would open file /foo/ss/subdir/foo.js at line 132. ...
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