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Questions tagged [org-ref]

This tag is for questions about org-ref, a package that helps with the handling of citations, references, indexes, glossaries and bibliographies for Org mode.

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2 answers

How do you create an org-ref harvard style in-text citation - with a page number - using shortcuts?

There are only really two kinds of citations I need to have in my paper (Lewis, 2001) (Lewis, 2001:54) where 54 is the page number After a ton of googling I managed to find out that it's possible ...
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How to configure org-roam-bibtex properly?

I'm using org-roam with doom-emacs and I want to know how to properly configure org-roam-bibtex? I copied the org-roam-bibtex config from
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Use custom BibLaTeX fields with Org-ref

I am managing my bibliography with John Kitchin's org-ref package. I want to create an @film entry type with a few custom fields. So in my init.el file, I have: ;; Create fields for Film type (add-to-...
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