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Questions tagged [outline-mode]

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Change overlaid text of an outline header?

Q: how do I add a new outline header regexp but change the overlaid text? I often write presentations with Beamer in LaTeX. As such, there are a lot of frame (ie, "slide") environments: \begin{...
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Emacs hide some of the documents in Typescript

I'm using Doom emacs. I developing an App in Typescript. I just encounter a strange behavior of Emacs that compact the description of lsp-buffer like in the image below. Does anyone know how to ...
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"outline-regexp" doesn't match headings that matches ";;;###autoload"

The context Consider this file main.el ;;; Heading no. 1 ; This is not a heading ;; This is not a heading ;;;This is not a heading because there is no space after the the ";;;" ;;; Heading ...
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outline minor mode folding enhancements wanted

This query is two questions both related to latex major mode (not Auctex), outline minor mode, code folding. I eventually solved these questions myself. My "answers are given below the ========== ...
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Is it possible to do code folding like feature but for reST/sphinx documents in emacs

I am switching from org-mode to writing docs/notes etc. in restructured text. I was wondering if in emacs we can achieve section/subsection level code folding. An outline-mode in a separate buffer ...
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outline-minor-mode works for Haskell but not Python

I can use outline-minor-mode to fold Haddock-style headings in Haskell code. For instance, consider the following file: -- (haskell-mode) -- (outline-minor-mode) -- (setq-local outline-regexp "-- ...
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emacs-lisp-mode overriding outline-level

I am changing the heading pattern for outline-minor-mode and have noticed that one needs to have the following (setq-local outline-level 'outline-level) because emacs-lisp-mode overrides the default ...
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Setting outline-regexp and outline-heading-alist according to major mode

I have made a minor mode that is supposed to customise outline-minor-mode. (defun tematika-tools () "Define Heading Patterns and Levels for different major modes" (require 'tematika-...
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org-content function equivalent for using in the outline-minor-mode

I know I can use the function org-content to fold all my outlines to specific levels when I'm in org-mode. That means: Using (org-content 1) will fold all my org outlines to the first level Using (...
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Controlling Placement of Ellipses in Outline Mode: At End of Line or On Separate Line?

I have the following file opened in outline mode: * Heading 1 body ** Sub-heading 1 body *** Child 1 body *** Child 2 body **** Buried Deep body ** Sub-heading 2 body *** Child 1 body When I ...
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New bidi problems with outline-mode / org-mode (Arabic, Hebrew,..)

Some time ago (maybe 3 months) I've noticed some problems with the bidi support (right-to-left languages) in org-mode. One problem I can't reproduce: The characters have then a strange form but If I ...
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How to determine if a buffer will respond to outline-mode commands

I'm hacking together an extension which will display a sidebar with an outline of whatever document you're working on. It was initially written to support writing in markdown-mode, but the technique I'...
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