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How to overwrite protected files in dired

I was trying to copy my some of my config folders to another system which was mounted with root privileges using dired. I opened both surrounding folders using /sudo::/... and tried to copy my files ...
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Slowly updating text appears to be in overwrite rather than insert mode--but isn't

I'm running emacsclient -nw and I notice sometimes the buffer appears to be in overwrite mode---I'll go to the beginning of a line and start typing, and when I do the existing text does not get pushed ...
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Typing "eats" text on the right

Sometimes key binding changes unexpectedly such that if I position the cursor next to the first occurence of 'm' lorem ipsum and type 'xxxx', I get loremxxxxum instead of: loremxxxx ipsum Also, ...
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overwrite: Limit functionality based upon text-properties

In this example, there exists an editable text widget field as follows: quantity: [______] Adding certain custom text-properties -- 'overwrite t -- to the underscores between the square-brackets ...
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What is the difference between writing and saving a file in Emacs?

What is the problem if I keep writing a file while editing it instead of saving it? What exactly am I going to lose? Some sort of backup? Is this a "bad" practice?
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Does Emacs have a standard function to insert or overwrite text depending of the state of overwrite-mode?

Context: using Emacs 26.2 I would like to write Emacs Lisp code that inserts or over-types text depending of the state of the overwrite-mode. I would call this function to insert text instead of the ...
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How to overwrite by pasting a string without selecting a region?

I can't figure out how to paste a string, for example 145 characters long, into a text line in a way, that the next 145 characters after the string are overwritten by this string or simply erased. An ...
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How can I more easily see interactively whether `overwrite-mode` is enabled?

I am sick of pressing Insert instead of Backspace and running into problems in certain modes. How can I fix it? One option is to have some visual indication that overwrite mode has been activated, so ...
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cursor color depending on insert or overwrite mode

how can I change the cursor color depending on insert or overwrite mode? I looked at this page and put as recommended 3 lines in the Emacs ...
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Overwriting files in an emacs dired buffer using move or copy

When copying or moving a file/files in a dired buffer sometimes the file already exists in the location one is moving or copying to. Emacs then prompts the user and asks whether to "overwrite" the ...
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Redfining autoloaded function

I discovered that auctex's texmathp-match-switch does not check whether or not dollar signs are commented out or not, therefore i get wrong results when i all M-x `texmathp' in very specific contexts. ...
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Prevent Emacs from overwriting text

In this example: If I add for example '0.5' where the cursor is, instead of adding '0.5' while moving the remaining text to the right, Emacs will delete the part '}{ckt1}' while adding '0.5'. Is it ...
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How to overwrite properly a face for a particular theme

I use the monokai theme by default in my Emacs configurations. But sometimes I use other themes too, particularly light themes like leuven if the light in the room is more suitable for that. But I don'...
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Disable ido mode for write file

I was not the only one who thought ido is very inconvenient when trying to write a new file. The emacs wiki has a section dedicated to disabling ido for write-file: Disable ido mode for particular ...
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Overwrite selected text

Previously when I selected text and type something or insert from buffer, the selected text would get overwritten. Now it gets appended, apparently I've change some setting. What is it?
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