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Show line at opening brace when cursor is after the closing brace (Perl)

Something I like in Emacs is positioning the cursor after the closing brace/paren highlights the opening brace/paren. Even better, like in Emacs-Lisp mode, the opening ( line is displayed in the ...
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sh-script-mode: get [[ ... ]] pair expansion to automatically include whitespace?

Say you're coding a shell script and you want to write something like: if [[ "$out" =~ 'none' ]]; then return $err fi If you're just typing it out and have any of the various electric/pair ...
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context-aware inserting closing parentheses character

Most of auto pair packages provides that automatic insertion of closing parentheses (one of ), }, ].) if you type a opening parenthese. However, what I want is when I type a closing pair, I want ...
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AUCTeX: Disable newline when electric-pairing braces in math mode

I am using AUCTeX for editing in LaTeX, with LaTeX-electric-left-right-brace enabled, so that when I press for example C-c C-m \left in a math environment, the right brace is also automatically put in ...
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Don't pair quotes in electric-pair-mode

How can I get electric-pair-mode to not pair quotation marks (single or double)? I still want it to pair everything else (brackets, braces, etc.), just not quotes.
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Unbalanced quotes auto-inserted in AUCTeX mode

This seems like it should be a very basic question, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. When writing in AUCTeX mode the auto-inserted paired quotation marks are now unbalanced. That is, when I ...
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Making scrolling easier to follow when pair programming

When pair programming with emacs I've found it is hard for the person who is not typing ("driving") to follow scrolling. I've seen this both as the "passenger" and the "driver". How can I make ...
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How to define additional mode-specific pairs for electric-pair-mode

electric-pair-mode is a built-in mode for automatically inserting matching pairs of delimiters (parentheses, square brackets, etc.) based on the current major mode. I know that I can define ...
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Is there a mode for viewing keystroke lossage in realtime?

C-h l shows the lossage help buffer, which shows recent keystrokes. Pressing g appears to revert it, causing it to update. Unfortunately, enabling auto-revert-mode does not change it to update ...
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