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How to justify all paragraphs of the currect buffer?

I would like to fill justify all paragraphs in the current buffer if no region is selected. I wrote the the following function which performs this job. Is there a better way to write this function? ...
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fill-paragraph on multiple paragraphs at once

I often cut and paste non "filled" text into text files (mostly in org-mode). I then have to go line by line and call fill-paragraph or org-fill-paragraph in org-mode to clean up the text. ...
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auto-fill-mode fails in comment with empty second line

Consider the following comments: ;; This is the first line of a comment. ;; ;; This is the second line, which begins a paragraph. If I have ;;auto-fill-mode enabled, I lose the leading space! ;; ...
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Unicode Line and Paragraph Separator is Not Properly Supported

Emacs is displaying Unicode LINE SEPARATOR and PARAGRAPH SEPARATOR (PS) as rectangle. PS also does not end a paragraph. How can I make emacs treat these characters properly?
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Custom paragraph-start and paragraph-separate for editing *.srt files

I'm having some trouble coming up with regular expressions for variables paragraph-start and paragraph-separate to do what I want (to be defined shortly). I'm editing *.srt files (subtitles for school ...
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Pasting text into Emacs but preserving empty lines between paragraphs

When I copy text from another application and paste it into Emacs it removes all formatting including the empty lines between paragraphs. I would like to paste into Emacs and preserve the empty lines. ...
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