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Questions tagged [parse-time]

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How to parse calendar date or timestamp at cursor from elisp?

Is there a function to parse the text around the cursor and return the date if found? E.g., if I'm in a buffer with the cursor in the middle of this text: 2015-12-01 First day of new exercise ...
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0 answers

time-zone-valid-p: Is there such a function?

I am trying to debug an invalid timezone '(nil nil nil) that is causing encode-time to choke on the optional ZONE argument. Q:  Is there a time-zone-valid-p function anywhere that I can use to test ...
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Org-mode spreadsheet time diff elisp formula or GNU Calc

I wish to substract from a start time an end time in my org-mode spreadsheet. My times strings look like this (only the inline code): starttime: 9:42 or 09:42 endtime: 18:20 So it's 24h format. I ...
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How to make org understand a custom timestamp format

I have the following line below a "TODO": SCHEDULED: <Oct 27, 2018 08:30PM> Right now, the org-mode throws the following error: Error was: (Not a standard Org time string: Oct 27, 2018 08:...
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