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Questions involving saving parts of Emacs' state to disk

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Is it possible to save register values and restore them in another session?

I use registers (such as C-x r s 0) as a multi-valued clipboard that can save different contents (copy-to-register). Then I can "paste" the value using C-x r i 0. This is really convenient, ...
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Is there a way to save layouts for Tab Bar Mode?

I have multiple tab workspaces open. And it would be a shame if I had to open and organise them like this every time I start emacs or restart my computer. Is there a way to save layouts?
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Make fido-mode remember which command I chose

I've been happy to replace smex with fido-mode in emacs 28, as fido-mode generally has much nicer behavior. However, one thing that I miss from smex is that smex would remember which strings ...
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save a specific layout

I am pretty new to emacs (doom-emacs in this case) and I have an idea of what I want to do, but not sure how to do it. What I am after is that when I open a .js file, I want to split my window into 3. ...
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How do you serialize a window-configuration?

Suppose I used C-x r w to run window-configuration-to-register, and suppose I saved it to the register k. Later, when I read back the register, I get this. ELISP> (get-register ?k) (#<window-...
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How to make changes on variables' values be persistent over sessions?

The current question is related to a previous question which is still not fully solved. I have been doing the following: 1 - After executing describe-variable over exec-path, I get: ("/opt/...
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Setting new values in `org-refile-target` not working

I'm trying to add a new file and delete an old from the org-refile-target variable. So doing (setq org-refile-targets (quote (("~/" :maxlevel . 2)) should work by ...
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I need to restore the *scratch* buffer from the last time I used emacs even though I killed it and had to restart

I was using emacs (XEmacs actually) and using the scratch buffer to experiment with regular expressions for a regex-replace operation that was giving me trouble. That has nothing to do with the ...
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How to make buffer order in tab-line persistent?

I'm using global-tab-line-mode, and I would like the order of tabs to persist. Say my buffer/tab order is: | a.el | b.el | c.el | and b.el is the current buffer. If I call (find-file "a.el") ...
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How to have folding and unfolding of headers in orgmode file persist through emacs sessions

Suppose I open an orgmode file and fold and unfold a bunch of headers, is it possible to let the folds and unfolds be the same next time I open emacs. I feel the startup function wont be enough. #+...
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Persist variables (and maybe input history) across restarts [duplicate]

Sometimes I wish to persist the value of some variable when I quit emacs. For example, I would like to do this for compile-command. Now, I guess I could find the hook that is run when Emacs quits (...
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Howto cache completing-read inputs

Is there a simple framework for making previous inputs of completing-read persistent across emacs restarts? For instance if I start with: (completing-read "test:" '("a" "b") nil nil) and enter "c" ...
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How can I persist my compile ring

I would like to persist my compile-ring, by which I mean the history of compile commands I use, between emacs sessions. Is there a simple way to accomplish this?
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Make pdf-tools remember the page I was on

How to make pdftools remember the page I was on when I close a PDF document, restart Emacs and reopen the PDF? Some PDF readers after opening a document go to the last page the user was on and don't ...
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Can I save my place in an info file?

I am reading through An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp in an emacs buffer. I get to the file through C-h i and navigated to Emacs Lisp Intro. If I kill the buffer and return the same way, ...
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Why doesn't desktop-save-mode persist neotree?

Desktop-save-mode seems to save all windows except neotree - When I restart emacs, the neotree window is always gone. Why is this window different from the others? Is it possible for neotree's state ...
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persistent org-mode clock-in history

Is there a way to make the list of recently clocked-in tasks in org-mode persistent across Emacs restarts and (more importantly) closed buffers? It's annoying having to find the previous task just ...
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How to store the variable value after Emacs was closed

Suppose, we have a variable defined in ~/.emacs: (defvar *my-var* "") Then in **scratch** buffer we set some value to it: (setq *my-var* "value") After we close emacs the value will be lost. How ...
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list data structure split across files?

If I were trying to use a list as a data structure -- and it was getting really big -- is there a precedent of breaking it up and having it span files? One particular list of mine is looking very tree-...
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How to do a simple write to file

I simply need to take the output of org-element-parse-buffer and put it in a file -- maybe with some "if-does-not-exist" etc. bells and whistles. In CL I have with-open-file and write as tools. For ...
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How to Persist Evil Markers?

I want to be able to save my buffer local evil markers (m to mark a location and then ' or ` to jump to it) across emacs sessions/instances. I'm not really sure how to do this. I tried installing/...
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