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Different conda environment for perspectives / workspaces

I'm using Doom Emacs with workspaces and treemacs perspectives, so that I can work on different projects simultaneously, all in the same framework. But for two different Python projects, they require ...
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When navigating to files, use existing persp-mode perspective if one exists

If for example I visit an org file in a persp-mode.el perspective A, then in a different perspective B run org-open-at-point to visit that same file path, I would like that to open in perspective A. ...
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org-roam and persp-mode.el: persp-def-auto-persp has nil (buffer-file-name)

I would like all org-roam buffers to automatically go into a persp-mode.el perspective. org-roam-mode is a global minor mode, so I can't use that as a way to detect whether a new buffer is for org-...
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Opening a file from a new/different Projectile project in the same workspace in Doom Emacs

If I'm working on one project and I switch over to a buffer from another the default behavior of Doom Emacs seems to be to open the new buffer in a new workspace (when workspaces are enabled). I want ...
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emacsclient crashes on start

I use doom emacs. Starting emacs normally works just fine. Having an emacs daemon and trying to use emacsclient -c causes the following error: *ERROR*: Symbol’s function definition is void: persp-mode-...
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How to tell persp-mode to ignore some buffers by major-mode

I'm new to persp-mode and don't fully understand its API, noticed that the Magit buffers are restored and set to fundamental-mode when restarting Emacs, and the list of these buffers grows as I work ...
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Can I set a variable scoped to a perspective?

I have a large monorepo repository and open different parts of it in a persp-mode perspective. It would be nice if for all buffers owned by that perspective I could set for example projectile-project-...
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How I can make persp-mode save my workspace on every change?

I'm using persp-mode to save my workspace/desktop/opened buffers on Emacs close and restore it on Emacs start (configured via doom-emacs. However, sometimes I can't properly shutdown Emacs (e.g. ...
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project based ibuffer

I have emacs 27 on MacOS running in -nw mode. I have prelude installed. It comes with projectile. I regularly work on two git repos in my disk. ~/client1/ ~/client2/ In any given day, I would open ...
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Persp-mode doesn't recover last activated perspective and doesn't restore all buffers

I'm using persp-mode. (setq-default use-package-always-defer t) (use-package persp-mode :init (setq-default persp-auto-resume-time 0.1 persp-keymap-prefix (kbd "C-c C-w")) (persp-mode 1) ...