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Picture mode is a major mode to edit ASCII art pictures

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Moving left in picture-mode splits line with spaces

When moving to the left in picture-mode for some reason the line is split with 7 spaces. Enter picture mode M-x picture-mode Set movement to the left C-c < Then start drawing a line --------------...
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Centering within comment blocks or ASCII art

I have C comments like this: /****************************************************************************** * Includes * ***********...
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When to use artist-mode, and when to use picture-mode

Why does emacs offer two drawing modes? artist mode picture mode Are they competing packages or have different use cases. What I tried: googled "emacs artist-mode versus picture-mode" My ...
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Example of drawing rectangle in picture-mode

I have been going through the manual of picture-mode and have been wondering if it's possible to draw a rectangle and connect it with another rectangle or something like that?
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